The Reading Lesson Book

The Reading Lesson Book

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Timberdoodle's Review
Phonics Pathways, as wonderful as it may be, will not be the answer for every child. Some younger children are born with a passion for reading, while others are competitive by nature and long to do what their older siblings are doing. To these younger children, Phonics Pathways will seem dry and tedious while The Reading Lesson's larger text and adorable line drawings will be very appealing. The logical progression of using both phonics and developmentally-appropriate sight-words without all the rules makes this program more successful for these beginning readers.

The vocabulary of The Reading Lesson closely corresponds to the 500 most commonly used words. Special typography of symbols helps children see exceptions to standard pronunciation rules. As they gain competency, they are slowly weaned from these cues. Words, sentences, and short stories are interspersed throughout the lessons for reading practice. As the child progresses through the book, type size is reduced. The twenty lessons mentioned on the cover of the book are more akin to twenty chapters and the program will take many families four to seven months to complete.

Because it was designed by a physician specializing in behavioral, attentional, and learning problems in young children, any child who is struggling to master reading may find the slower pace and clean, distraction-free pages of The Reading Lesson more suitable to his learning style. Used successfully with children with ADHD, autism, and Down syndrome, this may just be the program your family has been searching for.

Because The Reading Lesson is strictly a beginning reading program, we would encourage every family to finish their phonics journey with Phonics Pathways. But our experience is that many families have younger, eager pre-readers and for them The Reading Lesson is the better starting point.
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The Reading Lesson, an award-winning phonics course, is child-friendly, easy to use, fun, and low cost! The Reading Lesson program is organized in twenty lessons, with over 400 pages in all. Each lesson:
  • Teaches phonic sounds of letters.
  • Teaches combining sounds and reading new words.
  • Teaches high-frequency key words in the Word Theater.
  • Reinforces sight words with word games.
  • Teaches writing and typing of common words.

    Publisher's Information
    Authors: Michael Levin, MD and Charan Langton, MS
    Pages: 444
    Binding: Paperback
    Copyright: 2000
    ISBN: 0-913063-02-9
    Publisher: Mountcastle Company
    Consumable: Yes
    Reproducible: No
    Faith-Based: No

    Average lesson length is nineteen pages
    One lesson = nineteen days for a child less than five years old
    One lesson = seven to ten days for a five- to six-year-old
    One lesson = seven days or fewer for a child over six years old

  • Awards and Endorsements:
    Discovery Education Award - Best Reading Program

    Customer Reviews

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    Great book

    This book has helped teach my 4 year old to read. Not just read but have a love for reading. Though the book is lacking in color, he has flown through lesson after lesson and loves reading to his young sibling. Highly recomend

    The Reading Lesson Book

    Try this book. Perfect for lazy educators like me, it is open and go. The simple approach worked like a charm for my four-year-old!

    The Reading Lesson Book

    I've seen iffy reviews on this book, but it is an excellent price for a reading program, so I thought it was worth a try! When my son started asking what words said in daily life (stores, street signs, etc), we started this slowly with one page a day. We kept it light and as long as I didn't push him to do more and repeated pages if he didn't understand them, he enjoyed this. We're only halfway through and I'm thrilled that he can read the short stories (a paragraph)! I'm confident that this is enough of a program for next year as well, plugging along until we finish the book.

    The Reading Lesson Book

    I have fallen in love with this book! My son struggles with reading, and use to shut down when it came time to do our lessons. Not only has he excelled with this book, but he actually loves it! So glad I found this when I did!

    The Reading Lesson Book

    To be honest, I was not thoroughly convinced this was going to work. It took a couple of sections to get into a rhythm with my 5 year old. I was beginning to think he wasn't ready for it, and then it started clicking and he started understanding the lessons. We go back and review the last couple of pages then start on new ones each time. Yes this means we are not getting through as many pages in a week, but it has really bolstered his confidence. He likes to be able to go back and breeze through the pages he has already done, and that seems to inspire him to really push through the new pages. I am very impressed with the way he is starting to sound out other words now (outside of the book). Now we both look forward to the Reading Lessons each morning instead of the dread I had and the reluctance he had when we started a few weeks ago. The pace is just right and the activities help keep his attention between the "reading only" pages.

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