Show Me Science: Volcanoes with Bonus Magnet

Show Me Science: Volcanoes with Bonus Magnet

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Show Me Science: Volcanoes, Magnets & More
Before your child gets bogged down with scientific equations and overwhelmed with taxonomical classifications, there is a period of scientific exploration that is full of wonder and eager excitement. Show Me Science is aimed at hitting that sweet spot. Because this age group can no more read the directions than they can pour the vinegar, Show Me Science will be the parent’s science kit.

It will be messy; it will be time-consuming, but it will make your little one’s eyes sparkle, and it will give him a thirst for science that should last a lifetime. We encourage you to allow your child to participate as much as possible, and we made sure that there will be many opportunities for that. Show Me Science: Volcanos, Magnets & More’s collection of 30 child-friendly experiments will have your child clamoring for just one more. Show Me Science: Volcanos, Magnets & More progresses through volcano eruptions, air power, magnetism, a sprout garden, and UV rays. The kit includes nearly everything you need, except for the occasional common household or easily-procurable items. A full-color manual with step-by-step instructions and a link to online demonstrations is also included.

In the past, the one shortfall of this fabulous kit was its mediocre magnet. To remedy this, we have added the Horseshoe Magnet, which is just strong enough without being too much for children to use. Perfectly sized for smaller hands, the Horseshoe Magnet provides magnetically correct reading (1 foot north and 1 foot south) to support even the more advanced scientific studies. Colors will vary.

Note: Customers who used our 2018 or 2019 Kindergarten kit will find that Show Me Science is a remix of those years’ science kits. If you prefer not to perform these experiments again, you can remove Show Me Science by using our custom kit builder.

The packaging box is lightweight and may not hold up well through bumpy transit or everyday use. Although we hope to see this kit upgraded to superior packaging in the future, families using this edition of Show Me Science may want to plan on investing in other storage materials.

Table of Contents for Show Me Science: Volcanoes, Magnets & More:

Volcano Eruptions
  • Load to Explode
  • More Eruptions
  • Colorful Flow
  • Glow with the Flow
  • Making a Bubbly Eruption
  • A Truly Explosive Eruption
  • Different Reactions

  • Air Power in Action
  • Catching Some Air
  • The Power of Air
  • Will the Car Go
  • Racing Down the Track
  • Racing Up the Track
  • The Flying Helicopter
  • The Magic Balloon Blow Up

  • Magnetism
  • What is Left Behind
  • Sand and Magnet Artist
  • Am I Eating Iron?
  • Take Me Out to the Field

  • Sprout Garden
  • Sprout Up
  • Acid Rain, No Gain
  • What Does a Plant Drink?
  • All Light is Alright
  • No Light is Not Right
  • A Sideways Plant

  • UV Rays
  • Make A Bracelet/Keychain
  • Are You Exposed to UV Rays?
  • Clouds and UV Rays
  • Is Your Sunscreen Working?
  • Protect Your Eyes
  • Testing Different Glass & Plastic

  • Manufacturer: Learn & Climb
    Age Recommendation: 5+
    Number of Experiments: 30
    Faith-Based: No

    CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

    WARNING - This set contains chemicals that may be harmful if misused. Read cautions on individual packets carefully. Not to be used by children except under adult supervision.
    Show Me Science: Volcanoes Review by The Growing Creatives

    review by The Growing Creatives

    ”What I love about these experiments is that they don’t require much beyond what’s included in the kit.”

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    Customer Reviews

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    Esther H.

    Good kit overall. Mine arrived without a book, but customer service sent me one. Was hoping for a wider variety. This kit covers 5 topics, with about 4-7 variations on each topic. Hoping my busy bee 4 year old will re-engage with the same tools again and again.

    Rachel H.

    I was really disappointed with these experiments. There are really like 5 main experiments and then several that stem off of the main one (for example, one experiment is to make the included car go by blowing up the balloon and the next experiment is to do the same thing with the car, but to create a track around it and the next one after that is to create a ramp). I found it difficult to extend this out for 36 weeks. When we played with the balloon car, we just naturally started making ramps and tracks for it. I think they would have gotten bored with the balloon car if I stretched it out for 4 weeks. Additionally, several of the experiments did not work: for example, I could not get the seeds to grow in the gel medium that it asked to create (and I'm an avid gardener) and the glow-in-the dark volcano fizz did not glow. Last, I loved the Berenstain Bears Science book that we ordered with the K-4 curriculum. But, the experiments did not line-up. As a result, we never did get to the magnet experiments. On the positive side, it was very nice that the kit had everything you needed (minus seeds) to make every experiment. And the videos were helpful (which I visited for the volcanoes to make sure I wasn't missing a step). Overall, I would say that this is a good kit and instructions for an occasional experiment here and there, but difficult to make it work as a weekly experiment for a full 36 weeks and it does not reinforce the Science text recommended for K-4.

    Fun Hands-On Learning

    Fun hands on learning with easy to follow directions and enough materials to repeat experiments, especially the kid crowd winner - volcanos :)