Sing the Word: Great in Counsel & Mighty in Deed CD

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Timberdoodle's Review
Great In Counsel And Mighty In Deed
15 Scripture memory songs focused on God's counsel and might. Ages 8 & up. NAS, KJV.

About the Sing The Word Series:
I (Joy) am not a big fan of children's music. The simple ditties seem trivial at best, and all too frequently become unbiblical in an effort at simplicity. The music ranges from tedious to obnoxious, and even if the humor was funny once, it quickly becomes exasperating as it is repeated over and over during the course of the day. Thankfully, this series is very different. Sung by and for children, the words you'll hear are taken directly from the scriptures and the music itself encompasses a wide range of musical styles and is neither tedious nor grating.

After listening to the first CD once we were surprised to find ourselves singing the verses around the house, complete with the correct references. For a family with chronic poor memory, this was notable! Perhaps this was because the words are repeated several times in each song, or perhaps because the children's voices are so pleasing to listen to and the tunes are catchy and easy to sing. If your children are still at that young adorable stage, you can use the included instrumental-only tracks for a family recital.

Produced by a musically enterprising couple and their clutch of young children, the Harrows found that the musical sophistication and depth grew with their children. They suggest that Sing The Word A to Z is geared for 1-7 year olds, A New Commandment for ages 6+, God Our Provider for ages 7+, Great In Counsel for ages 8+, The Heavens Declare for ages 9+, All Nations Shall Worship for ages 10+, and Credo: I Believe for ages 11+. While this is helpful to know, the scriptural content and wide musical variety (a Baroque string orchestra, a rhythmically intense Salsa band, an Irish jig, an Israeli Hora...) lend appeal to a much wider age range. The Bible versions vary too, including NIV, KJV, NKJV, RSV, and NAS. I find that even the versions I normally wouldn't prefer are a refreshing change from most of today's supposedly Christian music.

Be sure to listen to the downloadable clips taken from each CD. It is often hard to get an accurate feel for music from a clip, but the Harrows have done an excellent job with these samples. If you like the clips, I'm confident you'll really enjoy the CDs!

  • Psalm 8
  • Bless, Rejoice And Weep - Romans 12:14-16
  • He Has Told You O Man - Micah 6:8
  • All Things Work Together For Good - Romans 8:28
  • Be Anxious For Nothing - Phillipians 4:6-7
  • In The Beginning Was The Word - John 1:1-4
  • Iron Sharpens Iron - Proverbs 27:17
  • The Right Thing To Do - James 4:17
  • When A Man's Ways Please The LORD - Proverbs 16:7
  • God Meant It For Good - Genesis 50:20
  • More Than Sacrifice - Proverbs 21:3
  • The Battle Is The LORD's - 1 Samuel 17:45-47
  • The Light Of Life - John 8:12
  • I Am Not Ashamed - Romans 1:16
  • Psalm 42

    Instrumental only tracks are also included!

    Made in: USA

  • Listen to a sample here

    Customer Reviews

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    Another Excellent Harrow family project

    Listening to audio clips on the Timberdoodle website, my 5 year old decided this CD would be his "new favorite" based on the track "Iron Sharpens Iron"; more specifically, the vocalizations between the verse that made him laugh. Once we got the disk, he decided that he has about 5 new favorites on this disk. I love that there are longer passages interspersed with single verses. As with other Harrow family offerings, the instrumental arrangements really make this a great listening experience for this musician mom, and I love that the music pairs so well with the text.

    Misty M.
    Encourage Bible Memorization

    The CD Sing the Word: Great in Counsel & Mighty in Deed is an excellent way to encourage your children to memorize Scripture. You will find that they will pick up the words easily, and in short time will be singing Bible passages. As much as the kids love listening to this over and over and over, I have found a few of the songs to be very annoying. The problem is not the the songs as much as it is the music and sound effects. There is a lot of variety and some of the songs are really excellent.
    Update: The more we listen to this CD, the more I like it. I am finding myself enjoying very songs that once annoyed me! I and I am amazed to see the verses my daughters can quote. I am upping this review to a 5 star!

    The songs DO help children memorize

    With a background in music education I strongly believe in the power of music to aid memorization. I was skeptical about the 'sing the Word' CD series prior to purchasing one, out of concern for the quality of the music and recordings. I am happy to say that our family has been very pleased with this series! While not every song is pleasant to listen to repeatedly, the majority are well composed and many feature interesting musical details (rich harmonies, unusual instrumentation etc.) Best of all the songs DO help children memorize their scripture. It has helped our eldest immensely with the added benefit that our middle child, not yet school aged, has learned most of the songs too. He often prompts his older sister when she becomes stuck on a verse. Our family intends to purchase all 6 'sing the Word' CD's and to use them throughout our homeschooling years.