Song School Spanish Workbook

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Song School Spanish Workbook
Sample Chapter (pdf)
Sample Songs (zipped mp3)

Learning Spanish can be exotic and intriguing, and with Song School Spanish it can also be fun! Tailored to match the enthusiasm and playful personality of children ages five to eight, Song School Spanish includes thirty weekly lessons containing a medley of songs, simple worksheets, stories, games, and activities. Exercise your child’s incredible capacity for memorization, while tapping into the fun to be had by singing and chanting.

Teaches Spanish Using Code Switching
Song School Spanish uses code switching, or what we used to call diglot weaves, which means the sentences are a blend of two languages. While there is much value to the immersion method of teaching another language, the folks at Classical Academic Press believe in using a child’s native language as a scaffold to facilitate a more rapid gain of both grammar concepts and vocabulary. If you have spent much time in a bilingual household, you have experienced code switching as a common and natural occurrence. The songs and exercises in Song School Spanish attempt to respect the patterns of native-speaker code switching as much as possible, providing students with extra contextual information about how words are used in Spanish.

Learn Over 100 Everyday Words
Song School Spanish engages children with silly but memorable songs that will soon have them understanding over 100 everyday words. The thirty weekly lessons consist of songs, illustrations, handwriting practice, stories, and activities for effortless mastery.

Includes 42-song Children's Music CD
A children’s music CD with 42 songs is bound into each student book. An idiot-proof teacher's guide (sold separately) is also available. Song School Spanish is a delightful addition to your homeschool program. Make it a part of your curriculum today!
  • A gentle introduction to Spanish grammar
  • 30 weekly lessons including review chapters
  • 100+ everyday vocabulary words
  • Interactive workbook text with lots of activities
  • CD with 42 songs and chants
  • Teacher's Edition also available (sold separately)

    Publisher's Information
    Author: Julia Kraut and Grant Durrell
    Pages: 173
    Lessons: 30
    Binding: Paperback
    Copyright: 2012
    ISBN: 9781600510786
    Publisher: Classical Academic Press
    Made In: USA
    Consumable: Yes
    Reproducible: No

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