TENZI Card Deck

TENZI Card Deck

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Timberdoodle's Review
77 Ways to Play Tenzi
As wonderful as Tenzi is, after a while you may find playing the same game becomes tedious. But with 77 Ways to Play Tenzi you will find a number of creative ways to make this dice game interesting. Each durable, oversized card has instructions for a unique game. Draw a new card each round, call for rematches, or even mix and match to create complicated rounds. There are three types of games: score-keeping games, non-speed games, and pattern games. In the pattern games, you arrange the dice to match the card, which adds an additional layer of educational value and is spectacular for developing logic, as well as puzzle-solving spatially.

Not all of the colorful cards in the 77 Ways to Play Tenzi will be equally appealing, but changing up the games greatly increases the replay value of TENZI. Three of the 77 cards are blank, so create your own TENZI game and name it after you! No dice included, see Tenzi for actual playing components.

Drillwork that Doesn’t Feel like Drillwork
Simple, fast, fun, and purposeful, Tenzi is a perfect addition to your child’s curriculum. In the original Tenzi game, players roll ten dice and reroll the ones that don’t match until all ten display identical numbers. Too easy? Opt for one of the many variations like Splitzi where instead of trying to get all ten dice of one number, you must have five dice of one number and five dice of another number. In Target Tenzi, you have a numeric goal, for instance 56, and you race to be the first to attain it. Or assign each player a number that he must roll for. Or… well, the options are endless and so is the fun. Tenzi requires fast hands, the ability to make accurate calculations, and the gift of laughter. Note: Color selection is not available but all colors are equally bold.

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