The History of the Renaissance World

The History of the Renaissance World

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Holes in Their History Education?
If you find that your high schooler is lacking depth in historical understanding or has holes in their grasp of renaissance history, then consider The History of the Renaissance World. Written by Susan Wise Bauer, author of the acclaimed The Story of the World series, The History of the Renaissance World is part of an in-depth series covering the big picture and noteworthy specifics of world history.

A Masterful Retelling of Renaissance History
Written in a friendly and highly readable manner, The History of the Renaissance World is at once engaging and enlightening. Maps and timelines help you grasp the whens and wheres of history, while the stories cement who, what, and why. Not only will you walk away with a big picture of history, but you will also develop a feel for the people of each culture.

Stories, Literature, Epics, Personal Letters
Using a narrative style, The History of the Renaissance World teaches a people’s history – drawing from literature, epic traditions, and personal letters and accounts – and presents a fascinating tapestry of human nature, providing a solid basis to view and analyze world events. The History of the Renaissance World begins in the heady days just after the First Crusade up to the fall of Constantinople and the end of the Crusades.

Note to our more conservative customers: This book, though authored by a Christian, is written from a history scholar's perspective, not that of a theologian. In other words, she gives the Bible a fair hearing, but places it alongside any other historical document, without distinction. Read The History of the Renaissance World with that in mind and you will find that there is a wealth of information in this volume about the peoples, nations, cultures, and wars of the Bible. 

Additionally, a historical painting that includes some nudity is printed on the slipcover. This can be easily remedied by removing the slipcover from the hardback title.

Author: Susan Wise Bauer
Pages: 816
Binding: Hardcover
Copyright: September 2013
ISBN: 9780393059762
Publisher: W W Norton & Company Inc
Printed in: USA
Consumable: No
Faith-Based: No

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