This Is the World: A Global Treasury

This Is the World: A Global Treasury

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Timberdoodle's Review
This Is the World: A Global Treasury
Czech artist, illustrator, and author M. Sasek’s first children’s travel book was published in 1958. His works presented a poignant picture of some of the world's great cities and countries. After charming children and adults for more than 50 years with his wry commentary and his whimsical paintings, an abridged compilation of his most popular children’s travel books has recently been reissued under the title This is the World.

This affordable collection includes paintings and comments on skaters in Central Park, St Patrick’s Cathedral in Ireland, Oxford University in the UK, the different tartans in Scotland, the Louvre, the Canal Grande in Venice, the Tiger Balm Garden in Hong Kong, and so much more. Talented illustrator and storyteller M. Sasek encapsulated the best of the world’s major capitals and countries - their art, architecture, music, food, and traditions - and brought them to life for young readers. Aren't you glad your family will also get to experience this work of art?

Note: Delightfully age-appropriate, this book still may present a few concerns for conservative families as various worldviews or religions from around the globe are presented or hinted at. For example, you will read about temples and icons in Greece, firecrackers to ward off evil spirits in Hong Kong, leprechauns in Ireland, and find an evolution-based reference to “primitive species” living in Australia. Despite these concerns and others like them, we think you will find this to be a lovely book to read with your child, so long as you are prepared to discuss each issue, or perhaps skip a few pages if you prefer.

Publish Date: September 9, 2014
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Universe
ISBN: 9780847843961
Author: Miroslav Sasek
Faith-Based: No

Customer Reviews

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My kids love this book. They enjoy picking a place to “travel to” and then reading about it and talking about it. Then we google or find YouTube videos about the place for more information. For example you can visit Texas in the book they mention the state song so we got on YouTube so we could hear it. It has lots of great places in the book, I just wish it had more countries in it. I definitely recommend this book because it offers so much. It’s also a big sturdy book so definitely a keeper.

This is the World: A Global Treasury

I'm thrilled we got this book. It's a big, beautiful volume on the shelf waiting to take the kids on a journey somewhere into the world. I wish it had more countries. I'm always checking it to see if whatever country we are talking about is in there, and then we read and talk about the pictures and maybe Google, and boom - we've had a informal geography session on the couch. This book paired well with "This is How We Do It: A Day in the Life of Seven Kids Around the World" as two geography texts we leaned on again and again. It's pricey, but its hardcover; big, with sprawling artwork and large print, and it was on the list of my favorite Timberdoodle purchases.

This Is the World

The concept of this book is really neat. As we would go through the book we would look up the particular location on the internet to see actual pictures (instead of illustrations) and learn more about the highlighted places. My child enjoyed learning about different places around the world and some insights to how people live. I feel it left more questions than answers though and this is the reason I tried to reinforce each page.

This is the world: a global treasury

This book came with the non-religious elite curriculum and seems to focus on famous churches along with other things that are religious. My children enjoy it but I feel like there could be another book in it’s place to go with the non-religious curriculum kit as there are many other things to talk about when talking about famous places around the world.

Jillian, thank you for sharing your feedback so our customers can evaluate whether this book is a good fit for their families. We do have a note on our description explaining some of the religious elements included, which, together with your review, will hopefully allow customers to make a decision with which they are satisfied. Thank you! - the Timberdoodle Team
This Is the World

My son really loved this book, I was a bit dissapointed that it was so short, and I wished it had a bit more variety when it comes to the locations....

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