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Time Timer PLUS
When I was homeschooling my five, an area I had to thoughtfully address was time management. Like many homeschoolers, it was easier to drift through the day on island time than to run a more regimented routine à la Sound of Music. This is an area that public schools may outshine us. School buses pull away from the curb, assignments are turned in, and recess ends, all like clockwork. Keeping to a schedule more adequately prepares a child for adulthood than the nonchalant attitude that is so easy to fall into.

Time Timer PLUS is here to help. The primary purpose of the Time Timer PLUS is to provide a visual cue of the passage of time while being able to stand up to all sorts of child-inspired abuse. Operation is intuitive and straightforward – the patented red disk moves as time elapses. The Time Timer PLUS is built into a super-sturdy carrying case with a handle and protective lens, so it moves easily all around the house. The time disc may be moved manually in either direction and can be set at any point on the face. You can use the visual depiction only or add the alarm to signal the end of a time period. The Time Timer PLUS also features a new volume control dial for those times you need a louder tone and those when you prefer silence.

For younger children who have no sense of time, Time Timer PLUS provides the ability to see how much time is left without having to know how to tell time. We use a Time Timer with our two-year old twins while teaching them each morning. Setting it for an hour, they know that the sooner they get their assignments done, the longer they have to play with school-only toys. When that hour is up, all special toys are put away.

Time Timer PLUS can also be used to keep kids on task for schoolwork, chores, and music practice, to reduce conflict on sharing a coveted toy, to reign in screen time, and, for some children, to ease their transitions and relieve the stress and anxiety that comes with change.

Time Timer PLUS features a rugged case and durable clear lens to protect the red timer disk from sticky or curious fingers, a handle for increased ease of use and portability, and a volume control dial for the optional audio alert. One AA battery required for operation is not included.

  • Volume control dial for those times you need a louder tone and those when you prefer silence.
  • Lightweight anti-static disk.
  • Silent operation.

  • Benefits:
  • Teaching children the concept of elapsed time
  • Making homework and practice time more productive
  • Reducing conflict in family and household routines
  • Managing the stress of transitions by showing “how much longer”
  • Empowering teachers to teach instead of constantly monitoring behavior
  • Increasing performance on tests and in the workplace
  • Keeping meetings on time and moving forward
  • Transcending language and culture barriers

  • Manufacturer: Time Timer, LLC
    Size: 5.5" x 7"
    Requires: One AA battery for operation (not included)

    Awards and Endorsements:
    This item is recognized by Able Play—a rating system that focuses on the developmental areas of physical, sensory, communicative, cognitive, and social/emotional abilities of a child.
    Teacher's Choice Award for the Classroom!
    Teacher's Choice Award for the Family!
    Mom's Choice Awards® Gold Recipient!
    Homeschooling Seal of Approval Award for 2016!
    Instructor Magazine Teacher’s Pick Award Best of 2014!
    Time Timer Plus Review by Flanders Family Homelife

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    ”This tool has been a great fit for our family, as it suits our competitive personalities well. I’ll place the timer on the counter or mantle where everyone can keep an eye on the elapsed time. Then we’ll race to finish assigned tasks before the beeper goes off.”

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Vanessa G.
    Great for time management

    This clock works great to keep my kids on track with their homeschooling assignments and our read aloud time. We love it!

    Younger kids love it

    We love this timer for our littles. It's a great way for them to SEE how much time is left.

    Perfect for keeping track of time spent

    We have one of these for when we need to track time spent on subjects - when stalling is getting out of hand and subjects are taking longer than they should. It works well, or for when I want something worked on for a particular amount of time. It's a nice visual image of time passing. The ability to turn the noise down or off is awesome as well!

    Best time management tool for kid and teacher!

    If you were looking to keep track of a time, of an activity or how long a break has been or how long a child should be attending to a particular task this tool helps take all the effort out of time tracking. It’s a must for our school tool kit.

    Love it

    Helps my girls see how much time is left. Truly my favorite timer for school