Visual Perceptual Book 2

Visual Perceptual Book 2

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Visual perception is among the last skills a child develops, yet it is a skill that he will use for a lifetime. Whether your child is reading, finishing a puzzle, or doing open heart surgery, a proficiency in visual perception is mandatory.

Aimed at a younger child, these exercises are presented in a clear, uncluttered format, perfect for the easily distracted child. With sections on mazes (Book 1 only), visual discrimination, and visual sequencing, along with five other topics, preschoolers will enjoy this so much that they won't know that they are learning.

Each topic begins with a pre-test and ends with a post-test so that you can marvel at the progress that your child made. The winter Pearl was four she loved doing "schoolwork" and Visual Perceptual Skill Building was one of the reasons why.

Visual activities include discrimination, form constancy, motor/graphomotor, spatial relationships, figure ground, closure, memory.

We've found this book also works well for older children who struggle with visual perception, what a blessing!
Answers are located in the back of this book.

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The Critical Thinking Co
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Customer Reviews

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Kelly P.
Good Building Block Curriculum

This is not my favorite Building Block Curriculum, but my kids found it challenging at certain times.

Heidi C.
Another Round!

We finished the first visual perception book mid year, and our son loved it so much, that we are starting book 2! He loves patterns, puzzles and mazes. So far, so good!

Sunflower S.
Great Elective To Add to Curriculum

So this is not a part of typical school curriculum but in my opinion it is an educational brain teaser. My kids started with going through Visual Perceptual Book 1 and have progressed to this one. It's fascinating to me watching my boys compare, remember, correlate, etc. the shapes, words, pictures, etc. in this book. I find it a very enriching resource to our homeschool mornings.

Review by Homeschool Circus

One thing I love about The Critical Thinking Company is that they do include thorough directions with all their products. First, in using Visual Perceptual Skill Building, administer the pretests for all 8 sections. (Which include: Visual Motor Integration, Discrimination, Closure, Figure Ground, Form Constancy, Memory, Sequential Memory, and Spatial Relationships) This sounds like a lot, but, it really goes quickly. From there you score each section to see if additional work is needed within that section. (If there is not, there's no need to complete that particular section).

Since the book gives VERY good guidance in pinpointing problems and how to proceed, I trust that after remedial work in only these trouble areas will produce success as will be shown in the post tests that are also provided.

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Visual Perceptual Skill Building

After I chose the visual perception book, we went to see our "autism" consultant, who, without my input, screened Li'l Bit for some visual tracking issues. The consultant and I had the same instinct - we need to devote some time to this area.

I really like this book. I am certified in Basic Level 1 of Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment, and, while Visual Perceptual Skill Building is not FIE, there are similarities, and I can use my training along with this book. For $24.99, a parent can have a worktext that he/she can use at home with a child (without signing up for an expensive, out-of-pocket expense class, travel time etc). The activities are child-friendly; the pages are laid out well and are not over-crowded (in my opinion), which reduces performance and completion anxiety.

The recommended age range is 7-9; I would add that parents of older children who are developmental delayed may benefit from the activities in this book.

There's quite a bit of thinking involved, step-by-step strategies, within the different skills, despite the fact that this is a workbook about visual perception. Visual Perceptual Skill Building is a solid resource for the younger (or developmentally delayed) child who needs to join a guide/teacher. Having my daughter show me how she obtained her answer is one strategy we use. Walking my daughter through the process is another.

I continue to be impressed with both Timberdoodle and Critical Thinking Company. This workbook is a big help for our needs and I recommend it to others who desire to work on strengthening areas of visual perception.

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