FAQ about Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits

What’s the difference between Basic, Complete and Elite kits?

The Basic kits are the nuts and bolts backbone of the curriculum. You’ll cover the essentials of math, language arts, and thinking skills. There are no bells and whistles, but for those of you on a tight budget, Basic kits will get you off to a great start. Most families find they can add science and history using their local library to maximize that budget.

Complete kits include everything listed above, plus science, history, and the best hands-on learning components.

Elite kits include all of that, plus the bells and whistles we’d add if money weren’t an object. Depending on your grade level, you’ll write computer code, learn how to survive in the wilderness, explore various art mediums and much more.

Is Timberdoodle Curriculum accredited?

Accredited is a term used for schools. Because Timberdoodle is a curriculum provider and not a school (we never grade your student’s work, for instance), we cannot be an accredited curriculum. For a more in-depth answer, see this article: Are Timberdoodle’s Curriculum Kits Accredited?

How do I teach multiple grades with Timberdoodle curriculum kits?

Homeschooling is much easier when you have children from multiple grades work together. If the age range of your children is relatively narrow, take a look at both science and history courses and see if one set would work for your family. The Story of the World, The Mystery of History, Apologia, and Berean Science are series that work especially well for teaching multigrade students. However, math, language arts, and thinking skills are typically done independently by each student at his own level. We’re always happy to help you customize your curriculum to put together the right combination of resources for your children.

Can we customize the kits on the website or do we have to call in and do it? It would be a lot easier to do it online and order.

Yes, you can! Check out our online customizer here.

Of course, we will always be happy to help you customize your kits for free over the phone or via email as well!

When you pick and choose to customize your kits, can you choose from different grade levels?

Yes, you can certainly do that!

Can I order just part of a curriculum kit?

Yes! Nearly every item is available separately. However, some items with extremely limited availability are only available in the kits.

What are the limits to customization?

There are two criteria to customize our current Curriculum Kits: the kit price should be $400 or above. Additionally, the kit must retain substantial curriculum content in at least three main subject areas. You may substitute as many items as you like!

We identify the main subjects and components for each grade and explain them further in our online customizer. You’ll also see that the Tiny Tots kit is an exception and does not have main subject requirements.

If you would like to make a substitution or change that is not currently accommodated by our online customizer, please contact us. We will be happy to help you create a qualifying custom kit via email!

Is there a teacher’s guide telling you what to do each day?

Yes, we include a Handbook with every kit! However, rather than daily lesson plans, it includes a simple, reproducible weekly checklist.

We had found ourselves frustrated by detailed daily instructions in the past because a simple dentist appointment or sick day threw off the entire schedule. But with a weekly checklist, your students check off their work as they accomplish it. They can choose to do all their math in one day or spread it out over the entire week. This flexibility makes homeschooling doable!

For over 30 years, we have found that a weekly checklist is the perfect blend of structure (to complete the curriculum on time) and freedom (to allow spontaneous adventures without stressful catch-up days).

Our Handbook also includes item overviews, articles, and a fantastic reading challenge.

Is Timberdoodle curriculum religious?

We pull from a wide range of resources, including numerous publishers and manufacturers, to create our curriculum kits. As a business owned by a Christian family, our family’s faith and values are frequently reflected in our classic curriculum kits. However, not all of the material in the kits is explicitly Christian. We include many resources from quality nonreligious publishers as well.

To meet the needs of families in charter schools and those looking for a faith-neutral curriculum, we offer nonreligious kits. They are near duplicates of our classic kits, but the history, science, and language arts are not based on a Christian worldview.

To help you know whether components have religious content, we note on each item whether it is faith-based.

Why don’t you have Bible in your curriculum kits?

The most important subject you will teach your child this year is not found in our curriculum bundles. As homeschooling parents of five and owners of Timberdoodle, it is easy for us to assemble a curriculum kit with geometry and biology for your ninth-grader or phonics and an introduction to spelling for your kindergartner.

But what we can’t quantify or predict is your child’s relationship with Jesus. While there may be certain devotional materials suited for specific age ranges, ultimately God has given you the unique insight necessary to shepherd your child’s heart.

For too many families, the sum total of Bible instruction for their children is Bible workbooks that are little more than read-and-regurgitate exercises. Yes, we do want children to know the facts of the Bible, such as who killed a giant with a small stone, who was thrown into a lion’s den, and who changed water into wine. But will your child get more from a group devotional or a private study, from unpacking a passage of Scripture or from hearing how others used God’s Word to live well in the fray? That is a decision best left to parents.

You can see our current Bible resources here.

Can I order a non-religious Timberdoodle curriculum kit?

Yes! To meet the needs of families in charter schools and those looking for a faith-neutral curriculum, we offer nonreligious kits. They are near duplicates of our classic kits, but the history, science, and language arts are not based on a Christian worldview. We also accept school POs.

Do you have any discounts? Military, missionary, multiple students…

We offer a flat rate shipping option for curriculum kits to military addresses (as well as Alaska and Hawaii), which typically saves over $25 per curriculum kit. Regrettably, we cannot provide any additional discount, because our everyday prices are the lowest prices we can offer. We work to give our customers the best price possible while covering costs and supporting our employees. However, don’t forget that our curriculum kits include discounted pricing, free Handbooks, and free shipping. Plus, we have our Doodle Dollars reward program!

How can I get free shipping?

Each of our curriculum kits receives free ground shipping within the 48 contiguous states. (Don’t have a ground shipping address? Email notgroundshipping@timberdoodle.com for an autoreply with information on how we apply the same discount to your order.)

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes! Timberdoodle has integrated Klarna Credit into our checkout process to allow customers to pay over time. PayPal also offers pay-later options. To get more details about current choices, see Payment Plan Options.

Other questions?

Just ask!