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FAQ about Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits

What’s the difference between Basic, Complete and Elite kits?

The Basic kits are the nuts and bolts backbone of the curriculum. You’ll cover the essentials of math, language arts, and thinking skills. Mostly workbooks, no bells and whistles, but for those of you on a tight budget, this will get you off to a great start. Most families find they can add science and history using their local library to maximize that budget.

Complete kits include everything listed above, plus science, history, and the best hands-on learning components.

Elite kits include all of that, plus the bells and whistles we’d add if money wasn’t an object. Depending on your grade level, you’ll learn a second language, paint more, build cells, learn through puzzles, and much more.

Is Timberdoodle Curriculum accredited?

Accredited is a term used for schools, so since Timberdoodle is not a school (we never grade your student’s work, for instance) we cannot be an accredited curriculum. For a more complete answer, see this blog post: Are Timberdoodle’s Curriculum Kits Accredited?

How do I teach multiple grades with Timberdoodle curriculum kits?

You have two great options. Our preference is to combine students in history and science, at least in the elementary grades. (High school students usually find they need to stay on their own track to accomplish all they want to check off before graduation.) To do this you can order one Complete or Elite kit with the science and history you want to study this year, and order Basic Kits for the other students. Or, customize the kits (by phone or email now, online customization coming soon) to remove duplicated science and history while leaving the hands-on thinking skills games and other bells and whistles.

Some families prefer not to combine subjects. If you’re one of those, know that our goal is to help your child begin working independently as early as possible so your workload as the teacher will dramatically decrease as soon as your child is confidently reading. You might also appreciate the case study in this blog post regarding students in 1st, 4th, and 6th grades or this one regarding a 3-year-old and 5-year-old.

Can we customize the kits on the website or do we have to call in and do it? It would be a lot easier to do it online and order.

Yes, you can! Check out our online customizer here.

Of course, we will always be happy to help you customize your kits for free over the phone or via email as well!

When you pick and choose to customize your kits, can you choose from different grade levels? What if your child is in a higher or lower grade in math or spelling?

Yes, absolutely! You can do this with the online customizer or just let us know when you place your order what you’d like to change and we’ll make it happen. There is no charge either, unless, of course, you are choosing a more expensive level!

Can I order just part of a curriculum kit?

Absolutely! Virtually every item is available separately. Curriculum Guides, and occasionally kit items with very limited availability, are only available in the kits.

What are the limits to customization?

As a general rule of thumb, if you’re ordering more than a basic curriculum kit then you’ll qualify for the free shipping and special discounts of a Curriculum Kit, regardless of which items you’re changing. For instance, if you’re looking at first grade the basic kit is priced at $419. Let’s say you already own some of the basic items but after removing them and adding in what you really want from the elite and complete kits you’ll still need $450 of curriculum; you’ll still get the discount. This is more art than science as we fine-tune all of our calculations here, but it should give you some idea of what we’re striving for! It may also help to know that we are always happy to help customize your curriculum plans, regardless of whether or not you’ll qualify for the additional discount. Our goal is that you succeed this year, however you get there!

Is there a teacher’s guide telling you what to do each day?

Yes, there is a teacher’s guide included. No, it doesn’t have day-by-day instructions. We have found ourselves frustrated by those in the past, when a simple dentist appointment or sick day threw off the entire schedule. So to simplify your life, we’ve designed our curriculum kits to operate on a weekly checklist basis. Simply check off the work for this week in each subject, and you’ll know you’re done. It won’t matter if you do math on Monday or Friday, or a little each day. You’re also free to decide each week whether you’re working at this five days or you want to race through it in three or four and spend the others at the lake.

Are there samples of the teacher’s guide?

Yes, each grade has a table of contents, sample page and sample weekly checklist (from the complete kit) on the item page. So if you’re interested in first grade, just look at the pictures on the First Grade Kit.

Is Timberdoodle curriculum religious?

We pull from a wide range of resources, including numerous publishers and manufacturers, to create our curriculum kits. As a business owned by a Christian family, our faith and values are generally reflected in the curriculum choices we make, however not all of our material is explicitly Christian. We also include a number of resources from quality non-religious publishers as well. For those homeschooling families who do not share our faith, and those who are part of programs funded by public resources which cannot be used to purchase religious materials, we do have non-religious alternatives available. Read a more complete answer on our blog here.

Why don’t you have Bible in your curriculum kits?

Bible is much bigger than a box on your school checklist. It should happen whether it’s a school day or not, whether you feel like it or don’t, and even whether you homeschool or *gasp* opt to send your children to school. On top of that, it desperately needs to be tailored to your family’s interests, time-frame, and perhaps even what you’re studying at church. For a more complete answer, check out this blog post: The Bible: It’s Not Curriculum. It’s So Much More!

Can I order a non-religious Timberdoodle curriculum kit?

Many of our customers fall in love with our curriculum kits but rely on school funding (yes we take P.O.s) to be able to afford the curriculum their children need. However, this is a big problem since school districts are not able to purchase the Christian components of our complete kits. We’ve always allowed for customizing a curriculum kit to remove or substitute items, but this year we’ve made it even easier for you by pulling together a complete kit for grades 0-8 that you can order easily here.

Do you have any secret discounts? Military, missionary, multiple students…

We work hard to give our customers the very best price we can, cover our overhead, and hopefully put food on the table :o). As much as we would like to, with the discounts we already offer on most of our products plus the additional discount built into the curriculum kits, we just don’t have the ‘wiggle room’ in our pricing to add another layer of discounts.

How much do I have to spend to get free shipping?

We do not have a free shipping price (orders over $_ ship free) simply because shipping costs are so high right now.

Prepaid orders that include any of the following items automatically qualify for Free Ground Shipping:

  • Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits
  • Custom Homeschool Curriculum Kits
  • Non-Religious Homeschool Curriculum Kits
  • Math-U-See
  • Spelling You See

(Don’t have a ground shipping address? Email notgroundshipping@timberdoodle.com for an autoreply with information on how we apply the same discount to your order.)

Do you have a payment plan?

This has been a very common question from families trying to figure out how to budget their curriculum purchases over the course of a school year. Timberdoodle has been able to integrate Klarna Credit into our checkout process to allow customers to pay over time.

Now the question we're being asked is, "How does it work?"

Klarna Credit is a flexible financing option which is offered at checkout. It allows you to pay for your purchases over time.

Other questions? 

Just ask!