All About Spelling Level 6

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About All About Spelling
You know that kids learn in a variety of ways. That is why a multisensory approach, like All About Spelling (AAS), is so successful. But children also differ in their motivational approach to learning. You may have an inquisitive child who really wants to understand the ins and outs of spelling, while his sibling just doesn’t care. If you have a child who thrives on spelling rules and who is most comfortable understanding the reasoning behind each word’s spelling, he will adore AAS because in each spelling lesson, a single new rule or concept is taught. The award-winning AAS provides complete and comprehensive instruction using the multisensory Orton-Gillingham explicit teaching approach.

Is My Student Ready For All About Spelling Level 6?
Students should complete All About Spelling Levels 1 through 5 before starting Level 6. Because All About Spelling is mastery-based, the level numbers do not correspond to grade levels. AAS is a building-block program, where each level builds on the skills taught in the previous levels. AAS not only teaches how words are spelled but also why they are spelled that way – for example, why “cat” is spelled with a “c” rather than a “k,” a concept students can later apply to spelling words such as “emergency” and “concentrate.” To prevent gaps in knowledge, most students will start with Level 1, though older students may be able to work through the levels relatively quickly. If you feel like your student is ready to begin at a higher level, you can take a look through the scope and sequence PDFs to see which concepts he would be missing by skipping levels. If you have any questions about this, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

What Will My Student Learn In Level 6?
In Level 6, your student will continue to learn encoding skills, reliable spelling rules, and multisensory strategies for spelling, along with exciting new concepts including 3 new phonograms, additional suffixes, strategies for differentiating between IBLE and ABLE, and additional practice with phonograms IE and EI. Phonological awareness and encoding skills are taught throughout Level 6. Below is a sampling in each area:

  • Learn phonograms MB, GU, and AUGH
  • Spell words with A in unaccented syllables, such as extra
  • Spell words with the sound of /k/ spelled CH, such as characterM
  • Spell words ending in /cŭl/ spelled CLE or CAL, such as miracle and musical
  • Spell words ending in /ŭl/ spelled IL, EL, AL, or LE, such as fossil, camel, animal, and triple
  • Spell words ending in /ŭs/ spelled US or OUS, such as focus and jealous
  • Spell words ending in IBLE and ABLE, such as flexible and available

  • Phonological Awareness
  • Learn exceptions to the I-Before-E generalization
  • Practice spelling words with IE and EI
  • Analyze four ways to spell words ending in /ŭl/
  • Analyze two ways to spell words ending in /ŭs/
  • Learn to add suffix LY to C+l-e words
  • Learn additional suffixes, including AIN, IVE, TURE, ICE, and ATE

  • All About Spelling Level 6 Scope and Sequence.

    Please note: The app needed for the Standard Set is the same app that you need for the All About Reading Standard Set, and the tiles that come with the Deluxe Set are the same tiles that come with the All About Reading Deluxe Set, so if you have already purchased one or both of these, please keep this in mind when you purchase this product, because you will not need to purchase it again.
    All About Spelling Level 6 Standard Set includes:
  • Level 6 Teacher's Manual - Download a sample PDF here
  • Student Packet - Download a sample PDF here
  • Spelling Divider Cards
  • Spelling Review Box
  • You’ll also need to add the affordable, phenomenally effective and convenient Letter Tiles app, available separately on iTunes, Google Play, and the Kindle app store, if you purchased the Standard Set. This is the same app used with All About Reading, so if you've already purchased it, you do not need to purchase it again.

  • If you purchased the Deluxe Set, you will also receive:
  • Letter Tiles (These are the same tiles used with All About Reading)
  • Magnets
  • Tote Bag
  • Supplementary Phonograms Sounds App

  • Teaching Multiple Students?
    Each additional student will need an Extra Student Set, which includes:
  • Student Packet - Download a sample PDF here
  • Spelling Divider Cards
  • Spelling Review Box

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