Around the World Reading Challenge

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Timberdoodle's Review
Around the World Reading Challenge
You've probably heard about the tremendous benefits of reading with your child. But did you know art has a powerful impact as well? If you or your child have ever struggled with self-regulation (e.g., staying calm amid frustration), consider adding art back into your day.

Timberdoodle's Around the World Reading Challenge Bundle pairs art with reading to spark creativity and capture imaginations. Your children can color as you read, while they listen to an audiobook, or just to celebrate the finishing of another book!

Washable World Map Tablecloth
The world map tablecloth makes for the best – and most educational - fun at mealtimes or parties! 100% cotton, it comes with a set of 10 wash-out fabric markers for endless creativity. The tablecloth can be colored in while the kids discover all about the places and icons they are coloring – it’s perfect for keeping kids busy and happy at the table during family or celebration meals, and a great way of finding out where distant relatives live. Afterwards just pop the tablecloth on a warm machine wash and the ink comes out completely, ready for the next grand tour! Measuring 50x33 in, it’s a handy size that fits smaller tables or acts as a kids’ zone on part of a bigger table. And it’s perfect as a wall hanging, too.

Reading Around the World Ebook
Get a Timberdoodle-exclusive ebook that lists dozens of book suggestions for countries around the world - over 3000 suggested book titles for over 150 countries total! These suggestions are mostly geared for preschool through middle school and are intended as starting points to find one per country that suits your family. We've included as many as possible that are available via ebook so that you can take advantage of your library's electronic lending or your Kindle device. Of course, many titles will be of interest to teens or adults as well, or choose your own titles!

Do your children know the great diversity of climates, cultures, and heritages experienced all over the world? Suggested books include biographies, folktales and mythology, tours of countries, missionary stories, adventures coincidentally set in particular regions, and so on. Watch for Journey to Jo'burg (South Africa), Eve of the Emperor Penguin (Antarctica), Ruby's Wish (China), I Am Malala (Pakistan), Katie and the Mona Lisa (Italy), Elijah of Buxton (Canada), Hill of Fire (Mexico), and thousands more!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
malorie S.
Engaging and robust

The book list is great and in depth. We have loved coloring in the countries on the tablecloth as well. A great product

Shayla G.
Lots of Fun for Mom and Child!

I decided to take this challange and turn it into parts so we're covering the 20 countries this summer just within Africa and we're going to do more countries throughout the year (and maybe into next year). My son is enjoying most of the books and we've both been learning about how those in other countries live?

Emily C.
Super cool resource

My daughter is under two but I'm reading picture books off this list to her anyway. This list will be reusable many times as she gets older and I love having good books, from all the age groups, for all the countries around the world. I highly recommend this list.