Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 2

Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 2

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Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's 2019 Second-Grade Curriculum Kit and Non-Religious 2019 Second-Grade Curriculum Kit!
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Daily 6-Trait Writing
Help your child develop writing skills using daily lessons that fit into every language arts program. Are you familiar with trait writing? Trait-based writing is an impressive method educators have developed to determine if a child's writing is skilled or not.

The six traits or characteristics that shape quality writing are content; organization; word choice; sentence fluency; voice; and conventions, which include grammar, spelling, and mechanics. It may sound ominous, but Daily 6-Trait Writing has made it effortless.

With 125 dynamic writing lessons, Daily 6-Trait Writing will provide your child practice and instruction concerning all the skills essential to becoming a competent writer. Research proves that a solid understanding of the six traits of writing improves a child's ability to write successfully, and just fifteen minutes or less a day is all it will take. Daily 6-Trait Writing is correlated to state standards for educators, with a dash of fun for our apprentice writers.

Twenty-five weeks of instruction cover the following trait-based writing skills:

Week 1: Choose a Good Topic
Week 2: Add Details
Week 3: Choose Better Details
Week 4: Stick to the Topic
Week 5: Review

Week 1: Put Things in the Right Order
Week 2: Beginning, Middle, and End
Week 3: Group Together Ideas and Details
Week 4: Group by How Things Are the Same or Different
Week 5: Review

Word Choice
Week 1: Use Strong Verbs
Week 2: Describe the Action
Week 3: Describe People, Places, and Things
Week 4: Use Exact Nouns
Week 5: Review

Sentence Fluency
Week 1: Write a Sentence
Week 2: Write Longer Sentences
Week 3: Fix Run-on and Rambling Sentences
Week 4: Combine Choppy Sentences
Week 5: Review

Voice Week 1: Use Formal and Informal Language
Week 2: Use Different Writing Styles
Week 3: Create a Mood
Week 4: Write from Different Points of View
Week 5: Review

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Publisher's Information
Pages: 160
Binding: Paperback
Copyright: 2008
ISBN: 9781596732872
Publisher: Evan-Moor
Made In: USA
Consumable: Yes
Reproducible: Yes
Faith-Based: No

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Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 2

Great way to get writing in everyday. My daughter hates writing and this book is a good way to simplify and breakdown the writing process in the shortest time possible.

Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 2

6-Trait Writing was just what our family needed. Writing was a huge struggle for our son before we sought out Timberdoodle, but he did very well with this workbook. It was very simple for me to use as the teacher, it equipped me with the exact information I needed to teach him, and he felt successful...all of these things are considered a huge win for me. 2 thumbs up for 6-Trait Writing!

Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 2

My son does not naturally enjoy writing. This book breaks things down in a simple way to help him learn how to make a story more exciting. It encourages the use of more words to get your point across to the reader and encourages the writer to paint pictures for the reader by using words.

Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 2

I liked the prompts that were in the book, because they helped her learn how to write a short paragraph that had a specific topic.

Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 2

My daughter loves using this book. It's very easy to follow with simple instructions and teaches her the basics of "why" things are done a certain way.

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