Easy Grammar Ultimate Grade 11 Teacher's Guide

Easy Grammar Ultimate Grade 11 Teacher's Guide

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Timberdoodle's Review
Typically counted as 1/4 credit for high school students.

Easy Grammar Ultimate Most children dread grammar study because it is too complex. But Easy Grammar is just that, easy.

What sets Easy Grammar apart from other grammar programs is the key role prepositions play. Once your child can identify and eliminate the prepositional phrases in a sentence, determining the subject, verb, and other parts of speech is much easier. If you lack an adequate grammar background and find even the preceding sentence to be intimidating, relax. The hardest part will be memorizing the prepositions. After that, everything falls into place.

  • Reproducible
  • 180 daily teaching lessons
  • 10 minute lessons
  • Materials presented in an easy, step-by-step approach
  • Concepts build upon themselves

  • Essential Concepts in Just 10-15 Minutes a Day
    The Easy Grammar Ultimate series is designed specifically to introduce and teach essential grammar concepts to older students, regardless of their previous grammar background. In just ten to fifteen minutes a day, your child will be functioning at his grade level and be competent to undertake any state or college prep tests. As a bonus, as your child practices his grammar skills, he will also be learning age-appropriate history, science, literature, geography, and so much more.

    The Easy Grammar Teacher's Manuals are reproducible for noncommercial student use, and an answer key is included in the back.

    You can order workbooks if you don't want to copy the pages out of the Teacher's Manual. However, we are strong proponents of independent study, so we would recommend that each child receives a Teacher's Manual instead of a student workbook. That way he can read the teaching instructions, do the worksheets, and correct his own work. This option does not work as well if you have a couple of children who need the same level book. In that case, photocopying the worksheets from the Teacher's Manual or using the workbooks (which may not be photocopied) may be more cost effective for you.

    This series contains 180 daily teaching lessons. Each lesson is divided into five parts:
    #1 Capitalization
    #2 Punctuation
    #3 and #4 Grammar and Other Concepts
    #5 Sentence Combining (with an emphasis on expository [informational] writing)

    Though it is not required, most customers complete Easy Grammar Plus before they begin the Easy Grammar Ultimate series.


    View Sample Pages: Day 41, Day 55, Day 89, Day 142

    Publisher's Information
    Author: Wanda C. Phillips
    Binding: Paperback
    Publisher: Easy Grammar Systems
    Printed In: USA
    Consumable: Yes
    Reproducible: Yes
    Typical High School Credits Earned: 1/4 credit grammar
    Faith-Based: No

    Awards and Endorsements:
    Home EDucators Resource Directory Seal of Approval
    Solid Rock Books Customers' Choice Award winner

    Easy Grammar 11 Review by Chocolate Covered Boy Joy

    review by Chocolate Covered Boy Joy

    ”This program was created to get you through what you need to know about grammar quickly.”

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    Customer Reviews

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    Melissa W.
    Learning the basics

    This book allows for a short lesson every day on grammar which will help students become better writers. I enjoy using this curriculum with my students.

    I'm happy with this product!

    I bought this for my student to review some basics before testing. It fit the bill!

    Carol P.
    "Painless" Grammar

    My Highschool Daughters are doing great with this curriculum. They did not need a huge amount of repetition in this subject, and this seems to be a fairly easy and quick way to get through it. I took Timberdoodle's advice (THANK YOU!) and purchased the Teacher's book only, as kids can self-check their answers located in the back of the book easily. No need to also by a Student's book.

    Excellent Grammer Coverage

    I think that Easy Grammar Ultimate does a terrific job of teaching grammar. Each day's lesson covers a variety of concepts and offers wonderful review. We did find a problem in that much prior knowledge is required...there are many grammar concepts that are not TAUGHT in this level, but that are REVIEWED. If your child has worked through previous levels they should do fine, but if you're just now jumping into the series, you'll have to define concepts elsewhere. Timberdoodle has the Easy Grammar Ultimate in use throughout its Core Curriculums...wise move!

    Excellent grammar coverage

    Easy Grammar Ultimate does a great job of teaching grammar. Each day's lesson covers several concepts and provides excellent review of skills. We discovered one difficulty...many of the concepts REVIEWED in the book are never TAUGHT in the book...in other words, if you are new to the series and haven't worked through prior levels, you'll need to define concepts elsewhere. Timberdoodle, however, recommends Easy Grammar Ultimate throughout its Core Curriculums...wise move!