Famous Figures of Ancient Times

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Timberdoodle's Review
Famous Figures of Ancient Times
If you have multiple children, then you no doubt have noticed the unique proclivities of each one. Our middle child lived for art. Her most prized possessions were a tape dispenser, scissors, and endless amounts of paper. Famous Figures of Ancient Times was made for such a child.

While you read historical accounts aloud, your avid artist can color in the detailed figures of twenty people who shaped history, such as Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Hannibal and his elephant, and others. Colorful characters are printed on heavy cardstock with perforated pages for trouble-free removal. Cut out the pieces, punch holes where directed, and attach common fasteners to allow their arms and legs to move and their swords and shields to flash. For the meticulous child who wants to color it exactly right, matching pre-colored action figures are also included.

"Great for kids who like crafts: Detailed, colored figures from history, from Narmer to Augustine, to cut out and assemble. The figures are on cardstock with moveable joints. Good for decorating timelines or just for fun."
— Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise, authors of The Story of the World
Figures Include:
  • Narmer
  • Khufu
  • Sargon the Great
  • Hammurabi
  • Moses
  • King David
  • Ashurbanipal
  • Nebuchadnezzar II
  • Cyrus the Great
  • A Greek Hoplite
  • Qin Shi Huangdi
  • Aristotle
  • Alexander the Great
  • Hannibal
  • Hannibal's Elephant
  • Julius Caesar
  • Caesar Augustus
  • Jesus
  • Constantine
  • Augustine

  • Publisher's Information
    Author: Cathy Diez-Luckie
    Number of Pages: 96
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Figures in Motion
    Edition: 2nd Edition, now includes 21 figures
    Year of Publication: 2009
    Made In: China
    ISBN: 9780981856605
    Age Recommendation: 9-12 years
    Consumable: Yes
    Reproducible: No
    Faith-Based: No. Covers some historical figures that have religious as well as secular significance, but remains historical rather than inspirational.

    Awards and Endorsements:
    Mom's Choice Gold Award
    2009 Preferred Choice Award from Creative Child Magazine
    Bronze Medal in the 2009 Independent Book Publishers Awards
    2009 Dr. Toy Best Classic Toy Award
    2009 IndieFab Award Finalist
    Independent Book Publishers Association - Benjamin Franklin Award Finalist
    2009 Family Choice Award

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 66 reviews
    Maggie P.
    Can’t wait to get started

    We bought this with our curriculum kit. My daughter is excited to get started. Note it does not come with moveable joints. I will need to purchase this separate (hence why we have not started) overall it is a fun way to bring history to life.

    Deborah K.
    Both kids 4 and 6 love it!

    I'd recommend laminating them before cutting them out for reusability, like we did. Both kids love pulling the figures out which really helps the lesson come alive. We will be getting the next set for sure.

    Rachel H.
    Bring History to Life

    I loved these paper dolls. They were a lot of work to cut out (which I ended up doing most of the time because there are a lot of detailed pieces to cut out). The kinds of dolls marry up perfectly with the History text book that Timberdoodle offers (of course I didn't prep well enough ahead of time to sync them up... but, I had it down by the end). My 4yo loved playing with the dolls more then my 6yo, but they were a fun way to bring history to life. Last, it would be nice if Timberdoodle offered the mini brads and mini hole punch that you need to put these together. I ended up contacting the company that makes the dolls and purchased from there.

    Not a fan

    We did not enjoy doing these at all. It seemed much more like busy work then helpful in adding to her curriculum. It was frustrating having to cut out all the pieces and assembling them for little hands can be quite challenging and frustrating.

    Amanda M.

    I'm using these figures as a summer review of our ancient history study this past year. I appreciate that each figure comes with a description card, but would like to see the descriptions on one sided pages so they can be cut out and put next to our figures when we put them on the wall like museum exhibits.
    I rated it down a star because there were only two women in the whole book, I have 2 girls and they would be very interested in having more female ancient figures to learn about. Perhaps Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, Agnodice (first female physician) could be easily added.
    I like that it had a book list as well.