Happy Sad Feeling Glad

Happy Sad Feeling Glad

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Timberdoodle's Review

Happy, Sad, Feeling Glad
Happy, Sad, Feeling Glad is a lovely book that not only explains some of the many emotions your kindergartner may feel, but it also encourages him to put pencil to paper and help the animals explore their feelings, too. Dog and Cat are scared; draw what might be frightening them. By participating in the animals’ stories, your child’s own emotions are explored in an insightful and sensitive way. Lively and full of humor, with relatable vignettes, Happy, Sad, Feeling Glad will help your child better understand and express his own feelings.

From the Publisher:
An endearing and engaging look at emotions and how different situations cause different feelings. What has made Dog happy? Do you know what Cat is scared of? And why is Donkey so excited? A range of fun art activities encourages young readers to explore their feelings and express themselves with drawings, doodles, and decorations.


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Cat Coloring Sheets
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Format: Paperback
Illustrations: 56
Pages: 56
Size: 10¾ x 8⅝ in
ISBN: 9781780679334
Published: April 2017
Faith-Based: No

Customer Reviews

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Deborah K.
Great if your child is artistic.

My son gets no pleasure from drawing. I'd hoped this would help, but it didnt.

Not bad, not amazing

I didn’t dislike this but I’m not raving about it either--every page or two has a prompt for the child to create something around (Dog is sad he dropped his ice cream, draw dog a new ice cream), it was good for a simple activity that he could work on independently but I don’t know how much of the emotional intelligence he got out of it.

Cassandra A.
Great book!

My son isn’t super huge on coloring etc, but he loved this book, and helping the animals! A great book to process emotions and outcomes!

Jill W.

Fun book that allowed my daughter to be creative and us to be able to have some good discussions about emotions.


This book discusses emotions and allows children to incorporate art with it. Great book!