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Timberdoodle's Review

Rushed Catalog

Don't want to wait for our free catalog? Order one here to have it rushed out first-class to your doorstep! Inside you will find it packed full of our highly popular, most essential products.

Free Catalog

Would you like to receive a free catalog? Request to be added to the next mailing of our 208-page 2020 Homeschool Curriculum Catalog below. We bulk-mail out a shipment of catalogs roughly every couple weeks and each catalog is packed full of new products, in-depth descriptions, and more. Request one today by clicking here!

Our Best Catalog Ever?
We've been printing a catalog for over 30 years now, yet we really think this is by far our best catalog ever. The large, full-color pages showcase hundreds of our top items with personal reviews. This time, we've added many customer comments alongside our own; now you can hear about the products from multiple perspectives without going online!

Why We Still Print A Catalog
For some of you a print catalog is an extremely valuable resource. It allows you to shop without being "plugged in." Unlike a laptop or iphone, paper catalogs can get dirty, wet, or torn without fear of significant loss. You love thumbing through pages or making notes at your convenience, and even keeping old copies on hand for reference. It is for you that we print our catalog, and we hope that you will enjoy it.

What Our Customers Say About Us:

"I have been buying from this fabulous company since I started homeschooling in the '80s."
Marmee to 12, Bryson City, NC

"They love all the hands-on and real thinking skills this curriculum offers."
– Cindy C., MI

"I highly recommend that if you are stressing out over all the choices out there that you stop and buy this. You won't be disappointed."
– Laura, Winter Haven, FL

"The layout of Timberdoodle is easy to follow and has made homeschooling easier and more enjoyable for me and my daughter."
–Home school mommy, Las Vegas, NV

If you have any comments or feedback on Timberdoodle, we'd love to hear them too. Just add a review below, or email us directly at customerservice@timberdoodle.com


Customer Reviews

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We are loving it!

We are loving it!

Love it

Love it


Just wanted to let you know I was VERY pleased with the order I received last week. It came quickly, and everything we ordered is just what we were hoping for!

Thank you for the superior service, and we plan to order from you again.

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