Horizons Math 3

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Please note that Horizons grades K-3 are nonreligious, while Horizons grades 4-8 are faith-based with occasional Christian references.

Horizons Math 3
Award-winning Horizons 3rd Grade Math is filled with various creative activities to make learning math exciting! Play money, flashcards, and games are all used to engage students in learning. Throughout this course, concepts are taught in a pattern that ensures student retention. Motivating lessons cover geometry, the metric system, map and graph reading, and multiplication and division. This brightly illustrated course is perfect for interactive learning. Your student will love the Horizons 3rd Grade Math!

About Horizons Math:
Those who know me know that I often remark on what a blessing it is to have multiple children with multiple capabilities. Not only does it add unexpected dimensions to the family dynamics, but it also helps us to recognize the struggles and triumphs of a wider assortment of parents. Furthermore, it opens our eyes anew to the fact that one size does not fit all. Not in pantyhose. Not in math. While Developmental Math is an outstanding math program for the standard-issue child, it will bore the socks off the bright child who enjoys math. For the child who thrives on a challenge and finds math a wonderful mystery to be solved, choose Horizon Math.

Open any workbook and the first thing you will notice is how bright and colorful the pages are. But don't get the wrong impression; there is nothing fluffy about this program. Horizons Math includes analytical reasoning, memorization, and drill. The skills taught in Horizons Math readily apply to real-life situations. This is a fast-paced, hard-core math program. Using the spiral learning approach, new concepts are introduced while all the fundamental concepts learned in earlier units are reviewed and reinforced for true mastery. This repetition can drive some kids nuts, but spiral learning more closely parallels real life. Some workbooks teach only one topic until it is mastered, but when you use math, you are often employing addition, fractions, and multiplication to solve your problems. If your child frets about all the repetition, you can certainly eliminate all but a handful of the repeats, but reintroduce them if competency wanes.

In the younger grades, directions on the workbook pages are sparse. But they include a bit more student-directed instructions each year until your child is able to do the lessons independently. The teacher's manuals are optional, but beginning or harried moms will find them especially helpful in the early years when they include all the teaching tasks for your hands-on learners. Additional worksheets are also in the teacher's manual in case a student needs extra review on a concept. Each grade consists of three pieces: two colorful workbooks that contain 80 lessons apiece, and a teacher's manual. A placement test is also available.
Horizon's Samples:
Horizons Third Grade Math Student Book 1
Horizons Third Grade Math Student Book 2
Horizons Third Grade Math Teacher's Guide
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Not sure if this grade level is right for your student? You can find the Horizons Math Placement here.

This solid math course includes:
  • 2 student books with removable pages
  • 160 appealing student lessons
  • Teacher's guide
    These materials may also be purchased individually

    The complete teacher's guide includes:
  • Daily lesson planner
  • Student readiness evaluation test
  • Duplication masters
  • Answer keys
  • Teaching tips
  • Additional worksheets

  • Publisher's Information
    Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications
    Made In: USA
    Faith-Based: No

    Awards and Endorsements:
    2019 Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Family Favorites
    2017 Practical Homeschooling Reader Award
    2015 Cathy Duffy's 102 Top Picks

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews

    I used math u see last year, and I am SO GLAD I switched to horizons. It's more advanced so I definitely recommend a placement test before ordering, but I think its a far better math program.

    Kimberly P.
    Making homeschool easier

    As a new homeschool mom, I was nervous about the planning, the amount of work, and If I could actually teach my kids. Horizon math is direct, clear, simple yet informative and not overwhelming for my kids.

    Kati B.

    Seems to be working for my math loving child. My only complaint is that some of the portions get really repetitive and lose my child's focus. After about 5 or 6 subtraction problems, for example, she gets bored. But, otherwise, it's a fun book and seems to be getting the job done!

    Karen A.
    I was pleased with my

    I was pleased with my purchase and it arrived in a timely manner.

    Carmen P.
    A Good Curriculum But We'll Be Switching

    I have used Horizons for second and third grade math (and for Kindergarten with another child). However after this year we will be switching to Teaching Textbooks. The lessons are great and are appropriate for her age and skill level, my concern is with the teachers guide. As we have started to move towards more abstract concepts the teachers guide does not give good examples on how to teach these concepts. Now granted, I took up to pre-calc in college so I'm comfortable teaching math to my child, but sometimes as an adult educator you need an example yourself on how to get the child from point A to point B during a process. Especially if the process is a bit more specific to the curriculum. An example of this would be the introduction into two digit division. My learning process as a child and adult does long division "the long way." Meaning you go through the whole division, subtraction, dropping down process to get the full answer or the answer with a remainder. They begin the process in much less steps, doing long division (without remainders) the "short cut" way. Really that's fine, but for me math is a full process with all the steps and I find myself uncomfortable with the lack of instruction in the teachers guide to help the student reach the answers through that full process. I would prefer something a bit more explanatory. I highly recommend this program, especially for grades K-3. Although as we move along in abstract concepts I am going to try Teaching Textbooks to see if my visual learner will be better off with the computer component that does full explanations of each concept before moving on.