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Timberdoodle's Review
Want a variety of math exercises? Highly regarded Horizons 4th Grade Math is full of diverse, colorful math questions. By solving multiple problem types, your student will gain solid daily practice. Students and teachers enjoy using this course which utilizes gradual concept repetition for complete mastery. Eye-catching lessons cover fractions and decimals, equations, division, multiplication, and pre-algebra.

The award-winning and visually appealing Horizons 4th Grade Math guides your student progressively through advanced lessons to build student confidence.

About Horizons Math:
Those who know me know that I often remark on what a blessing it is to have multiple children with multiple capabilities. Not only does it add unexpected dimensions to the family dynamics, but it also helps us to recognize the struggles and triumphs of a wider assortment of parents. Furthermore, it opens our eyes anew to the fact that one size does not fit all. Not in pantyhose. Not in math. While Developmental Math is an outstanding math program for the standard-issue child, it will bore the socks off the bright child who enjoys math. For the child who thrives on a challenge and finds math a wonderful mystery to be solved, choose Horizon Math.

Open any workbook and the first thing you will notice is how bright and colorful the pages are. But don't get the wrong impression; there is nothing fluffy about this program. Horizons Math includes analytical reasoning, memorization, and drill. The skills taught in Horizons Math readily apply to real-life situations. This is a fast-paced, hard-core math program. Using the spiral learning approach, new concepts are introduced while all the fundamental concepts learned in earlier units are reviewed and reinforced for true mastery. This repetition can drive some kids nuts, but spiral learning more closely parallels real life. Some workbooks teach only one topic until it is mastered, but when you use math, you are often employing addition, fractions, and multiplication to solve your problems. If your child frets about all the repetition, you can certainly eliminate all but a handful of the repeats, but reintroduce them if competency wanes.

In the younger grades, directions on the workbook pages are sparse. But they include a bit more student-directed instructions each year until your child is able to do the lessons independently. The teacher's manuals are optional, but beginning or harried moms will find them especially helpful in the early years when they include all the teaching tasks for your hands-on learners. Additional worksheets are also in the teacher's manual in case a student needs extra review on a concept. Each grade consists of three pieces: two colorful workbooks that contain 80 lessons apiece, and a teacher's manual. A placement test is also available.

Horizon's Samples:
Horizons Fourth Grade Math Student Book 1
Horizons Fourth Grade Math Student Book 2
Horizons Fourth Grade Math Teacher's Guide
Horizons Scope and Sequence Preschool-12

Not sure if this grade level is right for your student? You can find the Horizons Math Placement here.

This solid math course includes:
  • 2 student books with removable pages
  • 160 appealing student lessons
  • Teacher's guide

  • These materials may also be purchased individually.

    The complete teacher's guide includes:
  • Daily lesson planner
  • Student readiness evaluation test
  • Duplication masters
  • Answer keys
  • Teaching tips
  • Additional worksheets

    Publisher's Information
    Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications
    Made In: USA
    Faith-Based: Small amount of religious content

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    We jumped ship mid-year

    I appreciate both the appearance and structure of Horizons Math. Colors! I love colorful pages, and they help capture my son's attention. Spiral review provides the opportunity to deepen understanding and reinforce concepts. This is our third year homeschooling, but we only discovered Timberdoodle in January. It was the perfect time, as we are looking for something different for next year. The online program we tried this year is so disappointing. Our fourth graded needed something off a computer screen NOW. He is enjoying again having a book he can touch and write in. I would suggest to parents considering Horizons to look into grade-appropriate manipulatives. If there is one thing I don't like about Timberdoodle complete curriculum kits, it is Teaching Textbooks, so I am glad there is the option to customize.

    Horizons Math 4

    I love Horizons Math. We have been using Horizons math for 3 years now. My younger son is now in Horizons Math 4. He loves it. Math is not a struggle. He is feeling good about his ability in math. Having used a number of the different grade levels of Horizons Math books, 4 is by far the most difficult. Currently my son is finishing 2 lessons a day. I know as we get further into the division that rate may slow down. Having a major in elementary mathematics, I would highly recommend Horizons Math. I would also say make sure to test your child and put your child in the correct level. The curriculum spirals upward and they need to understand at the lower lever before they can jump into a higher one. I worked with one student that tested into grade 4 horizons but she was in the 6th grade. As soon as she finished Horizons 4, Horizons 5 and 6 were a piece of cake. She zipped through them and is now above her grade level.

    "Math Rocks"

    Horizons math has been a hit with my 9 year old. She has liked math, but it is by far her favorite subject since using Horizons. The lessons are not filled with alot of busy work. The lessons are clear and neatly laid out. They have just enough graphics to make it look inviting to a child. If there are some problems that are hard to understand I have the teachers guide to refer to for ideas

    Easy breezy

    My daughter who hates hates hates math as actually doing this one! She enjoys the color, and the layout so much that it all seems like a game to her. I think the fact that there aren't 100 questions on each page to overwhelm her is the key. I do find that it's a little on the simple side for the grade level given on the book but for her that's perfect. We used this program with our son who excels at math and he breezed through the grade above his own in half the time it was supposed to take but he loved it too.

    Love the math!

    Horizons math is a great curriculum for a student who is strong in math and doesn't want tons of repetition. Each day you work through many different concepts, each building on various skills. I have found at a certain point, this starts to go a bit fast. Cons: only goes to 6th grade, teacher's manual is very dry and sometimes hard to follow...

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