Horizons Pre-Algebra

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Timberdoodle's Review
Continue in Horizons with Pre-Algebra
While we love Math-U-See for pre-algebra, we understand it may not be the right choice for every student. Horizons Math Pre-Algebra will be a blessing for families whose children have gone all the way through the sixth grade in Horizons Math and don't want to switch to a different program, or a great alternative for the student who is looking for a text and workbook rather than computer-based instruction.

Complete Set Includes All You Need
Horizons Pre-Algebra builds on basic math operations with hands-on lessons in basic algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and real-life applications. The complete set includes a full-color student workbook with 160 engaging lessons, a user-friendly teacher's guide, and a separate tests and resources book for evaluating student progress.

Student Book with 160 Colorful Lessons
Containing 160 colorful lessons with perforated pages for easy removal, the Pre-Algebra Student Book teaches your child volume and surface area of solids, four operations with monomials and polynomials, representations of data, trigonometric ratios, and more.

Time-saving Teacher's Guide
The step-by-step Horizons Pre-Algebra Teacher's Guide includes daily lesson plans, helpful teaching resources, material lists, exciting hands-on learning activities, and answer keys for all 160 lessons in the Horizons Pre-Algebra Student Book. The guide also includes solutions keys for worksheets, tests, and exams in the Tests & Resources Book.

Solidify Skills with the Tests & Resources Book
Solidify your child's pre-algebra skills with the Horizons Pre-Algebra Tests and Resources Book. This handy resource improves concept comprehension of lessons with easy-to-use, tear-out materials that include hands-on activities, 80 review worksheets, 16 tests, and four exams.

Please note: I wouldn't say Horizons teaches any specific doctrine. However, even in first-grade math, for example, you will find pages with comments like: "God used numbers to put the world in order." I would expect those notes to occur only occasionally. (I couldn't find even one in my brief survey of 10 samples from them.) However, they are still in there!
Samples of Horizons:
Horizons Pre-Algebra Student Book
Horizons Pre-Algebra Teacher's Guide
Horizons Pre-Algebra Student Tests & Resources Book
Horizons Math Scope and Sequence

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This solid math course includes:
  • Full Color Student Workbook with Removable Pages
  • 160 appealing student lessons
  • Complete Teacher's Guide
  • Tests & Resources Book

    These materials may also be purchased individually.

    Publisher's Information
    Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications
    Made In: USA
  • Faith-Based: Yes


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