Human Body Cube Book

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Timberdoodle's Review
Human Body Cube
This cleverly jointed cube book unfolds to reveal 12 illustrated "pages" full of images, facts, and figures concerning muscles, bones, and major body systems. Fold the cube in and each side has a different topic, such as the eye or brain, or unfold it to study the full-body skeleton, muscular system, etc.

Lavishly labeled and with occasional facts thrown in, the Human Body Cube is an excellent reference tool for students of anatomy/physiology, biology, premed, or nursing. Small and lightweight, the Human Body Cube is also an engaging addition to your child’s doctor bag.


Customer Reviews

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Amber V.
Cute little fidget with lots of information

This was such a neat gift to get with other purchases. It is colorful, informative, and fun for my daughters to fold and unfold.

Vivienne M.R.
We love anatomy

As a massage therapist and doula mama; agronomist papa, our kids are as much fascinated with science and the human body as we are. It’s a fidget learning tool perfect for our 11 years old who is always moving and always absorbing.

My kids love these cubes

We ordered two of these for our human anatomy unit. The kids love playing with these and learning from them. It's great for tactile learners.

fun, but not all that useful

This is intersting to look at and fun to play with but the information is fairly dull. If it were in a book, it would never hold my daughter's (8 years) attention. possibly good for a study aid for older children.

Jill W.

This is a really cool little cube that is packed with information. Handy to have when studying the various body systems.