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Timberdoodle's Review
For over 15 years, educators have been using the creative, noncompetitive Imagidice as a storytelling resource to develop students' vocabulary, imagination, and creative problem-solving skills. Each sturdy cube has six images or icons, for a total of 72 unique images. Roll some or all of the twelve Imagidice to generate a random combination of images. Then, use those images as part of your narrative.

Telling stories out loud will encourage your child to be as creative as possible without the burden of writing, spelling, and punctuation. But that only scratches the surface of the potential of what Imagidice can do. Bring Imagidice out at parties to break the ice. Use them to fine-tune foreign language abilities. Or develop expressive (putting thoughts into words) and receptive (understanding what others say) language skills in your children in a fun way with Imagidice.

You can keep it simple by rolling just one cube and asking your child to say one thing about what he sees. Or make it much more difficult by including multiple dice and asking your child to describe what the pictures have in common. Add or swap cubes and arrive at different answers, using any aspect of the images.

The meanings of each icon on Imagidice are intentionally left open-ended to trigger multiple associations. For example, the open-mouthed person could be yelling with road rage, or straining to hit the high notes on the National Anthem. That is the beauty of the ambiguity; it compels your brain to search through memories and experiences to find a meaningful association.

Our First Grade Handbook offers ideas for additional motivating exercises. These activities incorporate alliteration, comparatives, adjectives, sentence building, tenses, verbs, and more, allowing you to make the most of the dice in your homeschool environment.

The Imagidice die icons are engraved into the cube face and then painted, adding to their durability. The set stores neatly in the oversized metal tin.

Note: Families who do not wish to include a ghost or witch in their stories may want to remove one of the twelve dice out of their set.
  • Twelve 3/4" dice (each with 6 unique etched images)
  • How-to-play guidelines (remember there are no rules)
  • Sturdy, oversized storage tin, ideal for taking on the go

  • Manufacturer: Gigamic
    Author: Emily Daly
    Illustrator: Stéphane Escapa
    Content: 12 dice, rules of the game
    Box Size: 12 x 12 x 3 cm
    Number of Players: 2-12
    Minimum Age Recommendation: 4+
    Playing Time: 20 minutes
    Made In: China
    Faith-Based: No

    CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

    Customer Reviews

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    From homeschool to speech therapy...

    We loved this in our homeschool, and I already know it's going to be a big hit in the speech room!

    So much fun!

    Writing and spelling aren't my daughter's favorite subjects, so she especially loves this way to initiate creative story telling with only pictures.
    We like using it as a group for family game night too!

    Such a great idea...

    My son has no problem manufacturing tall tales as part of life, but when it comes to needing to focus on storytelling as part of school, his mind goes blank. This has been an amazing tool to help my son with storytelling on demand. Besides being fun to use as part of school, it has been a great activity for the dinner table and is very portable for taking places. It is only 12 dice, and the box is much larger than it needs to be. You can easily put the dice in a pouch/bag and bring it along to doctor appointments or other places where waiting is hard/boring. It could also be great for use in the car if you use a small cookie sheet or other flat surface with edges to spread them out.


    A fun way to work on story building that doesn’t require sitting down with a pencil and paper. Helps with creativity too. Fun!

    Family Game Night

    This game is great for the family, gets everyone's creative juices flowing and lots of laughter! Our children always want to play this game. Its great to bring along when you need to keep the kids distracted from having to wait instead of using a phone or iPad.

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