Italic Handwriting Instruction Manual

Italic Handwriting Instruction Manual

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Timberdoodle's Review
Italic Handwriting Instruction Manual
There is only one Instruction Manual, and it is for use with the entire series A - G, devoting a few pages to each book.

It contains helpful hints on teaching the italic, with sections covering Assessment, Implementation, Activities, and Supplements. In the back of the book, there is a very useful section of blank pages with ruled lines depicting examples of the line widths used throughout the series.

The Instruction Manual is an extremely helpful tool for teachers in a school setting, as well as homeschoolers seeking a helpful guide on teaching the program to their children.

About Italic Handwriting:
We used to get many calls from moms asking about a handwriting program. For nearly 7 years of business, we did not carry a handwriting course for 2 reasons. The first is that we are fairly low-key about the need for a handwriting course. Being a mail-order business, we have seen handwriting of every description and realize good or bad handwriting is seemingly no hindrance to success in life. However, because we are a mail-order business, we undeniably appreciate good handwriting, and often comment amongst ourselves when the order form is particularly readable.

If we were to carry a handwriting course, it would have to do more than teach fine skills. It would have to result in something that was beautifully legible! This brings us to the second reason why we have never carried a handwriting course. The course we are and have been using with our children was not available for resale when we originally asked. Sure, there were and are dozens of adequate handwriting courses available for resale. But in clear conscience, we couldn't and wouldn't sell what we ourselves won't use. So when Portland State University changed their policies and contacted us about being dealers, we were only too happy to sign up! Italic Handwriting is:

  • Gloriously legible.
  • Logical because the transition from printing to cursive is exceptionally smooth.
  • Easy to write as it conforms to natural hand movements.

    Traditional cursive, written fast, is nearly illegible. However, in cursive italic handwriting, the letters are formed quickly and easily and with no loops to clutter. Even rapidly written cursive italic is easy to read. Handwriting, especially in this era of word processors, takes a fairly low priority compared to other subjects. However, if you are going to make handwriting a part of your curriculum, why not use the best? We've looked at a lot and think that as far as a lifetime skill, Italic Handwriting wins "hands down!" Each book has the basics of how to form each letter and then age-appropriate exercises that students do in the workbook. New students should start the program at grade level. The Instruction Manual is helpful for special problems or left-handers, but otherwise is somewhat optional. Cursive writing transition occurs at the end of Book C.

  • From the Publisher:
    Instruction Manual
    Designed for use with Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting Series Books A–G, this invaluable guide contains detailed instructions for teaching letter families, capitals, cursive joins, assessment strategies, techniques for increasing speed and developing style, plus the history of writing. Complete information provided to effectively teach italic handwriting, including scope & sequence, vocabulary, lesson management, objectives, evaluation standards and student self-evaluation. 112 pages.

    Handwriting: It helps us learn, share ideas, and be creative.
    Handwriting today is both a tool for learning and a professional skill. We need a handwriting style that keeps up with the demands of modern life. It needs to be legible and logical, easy to write and easy to learn.

    When it comes to being understood, handwriting still matters.
    And yet, as authors Barbara Getty and Inga Dubay write, “American handwriting is in a woeful state. We have become a 'please print' nation. But there is hope. We can stop mumbling on paper and become legible writers. We can go italic.”

    Keep the focus on learning.
    For early learners, literacy and language development are foundations of readiness, and research suggests that handwriting is a key component. Learning to write letters and form words are powerful first steps toward academic success.

    A seamless transition.
    With the Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting Series, kids learn one alphabet — basic italic transitions naturally to cursive. In elementary school, handwriting is an important scaffold for basic literacy skills. For middle school students, fluent handwriting means more language arts success, and better preparation for high school.

    Author: Barbara Getty & Inga Dubay
    Number of Pages: 112
    Format: Softcover
    Publisher: Getty-Dubay Productions
    Edition/Copyright: 1994
    Made In: USA
    ISBN: 9780982776254
    Reproducible: No
    Faith-Based: No

    Awards and Endorsements:
    Homeschooling Parent Homeschool Friendly Stamp of Approval 2005 Seal of Approval 2006
    The Old Schoolhouse EE Award Winner 2007
    Practical Homeschooling Reader Award 2012

    Customer Reviews

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    Instruction Manual

    I was very excited to see that Timberdoodle carries this series as it adds to my one stop shop of items. I'm happy that I bought the manual this year. It is one manual for all the levels and I plan on continuing to use this series for our family.

    Kellyanne E.
    Used this series with eight children!

    I have been using this handwriting program for almost 20 years. I have used it with eight children (so far!) and I have been very pleased with the results. The children have been able to use the books without difficulty (or tears, a big plus). Some of my children have really made the effort to duplicate the beautiful handwriting in the books and have even been inspired to try the calligraphic hand taught in book G. Some of my children have not been as eager to emphasize their handwriting to that degree. However, even those who took the "only what is required" attitude, have fine, legible handwriting.