Kumon My Book of Easy Telling Time

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Timberdoodle's Review
Telling time is one of the skills that reinforces how useful it is to learn number skills. Familiarize your children with the concept of telling time by using these distinctive Kumon step-by-step books. Kumon's slow, systematic approach helps children learn this difficult, but vital skill with minimal distress.
Using Kumon's step-by-step approach, this workbook introduces children to the concept of telling time by concentrating on the hours first, and then incrementally introducing children to half- and quarter-hours. Learning to tell time this way will also help children improve their general understanding of numbers.

About Kumon:
Over 20 years ago, when our family began this delightful home school adventure, workbooks for toddlers and preschoolers were hard to find. But that was just as well because the ones that were available were inane, insipid or intolerable. (Why would we choose to prohibit watching corrupting television, then turn around and use workbooks with those same characters depicted in them?)

Workbooks are not appropriate for all young children; many are simply not ready for the fine motor skills that are necessary. Let those children continue to learn at their God-ordained pace and in a way that encourages a love of learning. But when your children are ready to move to focused learning, reach for Kumon Workbooks. The captivating illustrations are child-friendly and the scope and sequence are just what educating parents have been looking for.

Kumon centers have been helping children master fundamental skills for over 50 years. Originating in Japan, they have excelled in their primary emphasis of math and reading instruction. With the exception of a page or two of nonsense, these are outstanding books, worthy of any child's time and effort. The skills taught are essential and appropriate, and their presentation can entice even the most hesitant learner. The assignments are short; each is slightly more challenging than the last so that your child progresses at a gradual, comfortable pace.
Systematic approach helps children learn this difficult, but vital skill with minimal distress.
Publisher's Information
Pages: 80
Binding: Paperback (8 1/2 x 11 2/3)
ISBN: 978-1-933241-26-5
Publisher: Kumon Publishing
Published In: China
Consumable: Yes

Customer Reviews

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Great into to time telling

My 4 and 6 year old both really enjoy this workbook. It's been a really easy and child friendly way to learn time telling.

Love Kumon books!

These Kumon books are great! My daughter has used this one to help her learn time. Great for k and 1st grade.

We love Kumon workbooks!

We love Kumon workbooks!

Kumon Telling Time Workbook

Easy, and fun. My kids have enjoyed learning how to tell time with these workbooks! A great book to begin with!

Kumon My Book of Easy Telling Time

My son age 3-4 wanted to learn how to read a clock and he didn't want wait until he was older to learn. So thank you for providing a book that engages him in this topic at an appropriate age level. There is a lot of writing numbers which he is not quite ready for, but its an appropriate challenge for him.

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