Lost Trail: Nine Days Alone in the Wilderness

Lost Trail: Nine Days Alone in the Wilderness

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Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's 2019 Second-Grade Curriculum Kit and Non-Religious 2019 Second-Grade Curriculum Kit!
Timberdoodle's Review
Lost on a Mountain in Maine
In 1939 the entire nation anxiously watched as a parent’s nightmare unfolded. Twelve-year-old Donn Fendler was hiking Maine's highest mountain, mile-high Katahdin, when he became separated from his family. As a dark storm moved in, Donn became even more disoriented. He emerged nine long days later, grossly malnourished, bare feet cut to shreds, and with scarcely a stitch of clothing intact, but alive. Lost Trail: Nine Days Alone in the Wilderness is the true story of that perilous journey, meticulously retold in a graphic novel.

Now Told in a Gripping Graphic Novel
Donn’s gripping story was made famous 70 years ago by the best-selling book, Lost on a Mountain in Maine. Now, for the first time Donn tells the story of survival and rescue from his own perspective in this skillfully illustrated graphic novel, Lost Trail.

Survived 9 Days of Cold, Hunger, Bears, and More
Children will be enthralled to read the day-by-day account of how a 12-year-old Boy Scout from a New York City suburb survived cold, hunger, bears, a tumble into an icy river, and hallucinations. And they will cheer to read of how Donn’s rescue was celebrated with a huge parade and an opportunity to meet the President of the United States. As a graphic novel, Lost Trail introduces younger and more reluctant readers to a true story that has captivated children for more than 70 years.

Reading Level: Ages 9 and up
Format: Paperback
Pages: 64
Publisher: Down East Books

Customer Reviews

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Interesting but fast

We got through the whole book in a few days. A little adult for 2nd grade but interesting

Lost Trail: Nine Days Alone in the Wilderness

I was completely biased about loving this book, since Katahdin is a mountain close to my heart, so we were excited about this one! My 8 year old read it in a night, and then talked about it for a solid hour. It was a hit. This is a black and white graphic novel, which was pretty cool. It's a nice way to mix things up. It seems more like a $8.99 book than a $15, but, oh well. The story is so compelling and the art so real, it's worth the buy.

Lost trail

My 8 yr old was immediately turned off by this book because of the way it was illustrated. After her father and I gave her a pop quiz on it to test if she was reading it or not (she wasn’t and we knew that), we made her go back and actually read the two pages she was assigned to do. Once she gave it a chance, she discovered that she loves the book and reads past where I tell her to stop.

Lost Trail

This graphic novel is a fun little extra, but of no real value for her education. She was not particularly enthralled with the story, but I can see how some kids would be.

Lost Trail: Nine Days Alone in the Wilde

This was our first attempt at a graphic novel. We read it aloud in short daily increments. My boys are in two different grades and are young. They thouroughly enjoyed this and looked forward to finding out what would happen next.

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