Spelling You See - Level A

Spelling You See - Level A

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Grades: Kindergarten

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Love This Multisensory Spelling Program!
We really love this new multisensory spelling program and are convinced it will help your child become a confident, successful speller, naturally and at his own speed. And it has the research to back us up. Because Spelling You See encourages visual memory rather than rote memory, there are no weekly spelling lists or tests and very little instructor preparation is required.

Relaxed and Easy to Implement
Each daily lesson in Spelling You See uses real words presented in context within poems or informational passages. Plus each lesson is colorful, short, to the point, and fun! Did I mention we’re in love? You will be too when you discover how relaxed and easy it is to implement Spelling You See.

Instructor Handbook and Answer Keys
Instructor’s handbooks are relatively small, but packed with valuable information that will show how simple this program is and how comfortably it will fit into your daily life. Also included are answer keys and dictation material that are essential for each level.

Why Spelling You See?

Listen and Write Overview:

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Are phonics taught in Spelling You See?
Read the answer to this frequently asked question on our blog.

Publisher: Demme Learning
Faith-Based: No

Spelling You See A Review by The M Word

review by The M Word

”I love that there is no end of week spelling test and my kindergartner is breezing right through the course so far.”

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Customer Reviews

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Great Book

We purchased this book for my now 1st grader and loved it. The lessons were short enough to keep him engaged, but long enough to teach him something. Will plan to use this with my 3 year old next year

loved it

My kiddo took to this so quickly, in the beginning he seemed to grasp reading more from this workbook than his reading lessons. My long issue is the font they chose, things like lowercase “t” and “l” have a slight curve to them which he mimics but not as subtly so it throws his writing off a bit.

Alyssa S.
Quick and easy, and very effective! Helps with reading skills

This has been one of the best spelling curriculums ever for our family. It's quick and easy, but works so well! We didn't usually time the daily excersises (the kids would get upset and want to finish the whole page!) like they suggest, but making them sound out the words as they are writing them I noticed was critical in helping them understand it better. To be honest, I believe that the reason both my school age children have picked up reading skills so well and fluently is because they were also doing this spelling curriculum starting in kindergarten. I think that doing reading and spelling alongside each other helps to reinforce and build a better language arts foundation in the beginning.

Cassandra A.

Reading and spelling were the greatest hurdles we encountered with our son this year, quite a few frustrating days even though he was doing well, I finally figured out he was bored with the repetition and was excited for larger and compound words, when we got to those lessons he started getting so excited for reading, that being said I liked this program and I thought it was useful but he hated it until the end and let out a deep sigh of relief when it was over.

I liked it, my kid didn't

Spelling You See is one of those slow and steady learning products. You do a little each day and by the time you’re done you end up knowing quite a bit! I really liked this product because it was easy, and allowed the child to spell based on phonetics, not memorization. However, my 5-year-old did not like it. It just wasn’t his learning style; I think he found it boring even though he was good at it and I think it was beneficial for him. I’m sad to say I will not be buying the next level at this point to ensure my child doesn’t resent spelling or language arts! Perhaps I will purchase this product again for my younger two when they are school age. Bottom line: Good product, but depends on your kid’s learning style.

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