Student Notebook for Science in the Industrial Age

Student Notebook for Science in the Industrial Age

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Ages: 5-12

Grades: K-6th

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Student Notebooks for Science in the Industrial Age
The Berean Science Notebooks are a convenient companion to the Berean texts for busy families. Each Notebook is written for a specific Berean Science title, and for the age of the student that will be using it. These printed Notebooks are not required; plain paper or any ordinary notebook will suffice. However, the layout of these Berean Science Notebooks provides just the right amount of lined and unlined space for each regular lesson. Some lessons even include fill-in-the-blank sentences, diagrams, or other helpful elements. The challenge lesson pages are left blank for an added challenge.

Older Student Notebooks
Older Student Notebooks are designed for the middle category of Berean Science students. Students who use this level need strong basic writing skills; therefore, many 3rd- and 4th-grade students will find this level a good fit.

Oldest Student Notebooks
The Oldest Student Notebooks are for the oldest Berean Science users. This level poses more challenging questions and is often a good fit for 5th- or 6th-grade learners.

What About Younger Students?
You will notice that the easiest level for Berean Science, called Younger Students, does not require a notebook. The questions at this level are aimed at about second grade and younger, and can typically be answered orally.

How Do I Know Which Is the Right Level?
Not sure which level will be the best fit for your child? Each Berean Science text has sample pages available. At the end of each lesson, you can see what questions are posed to the younger, older, and oldest students and decide which level is most appropriate for your learner.

About Science in the Industrial Age
In the fifth title in the Berean Science series, your student will discover what Michael Faraday has to do with safe airline travel, use gumdrops to understand the chemistry mystery that Louis Pasteur first cracked, and experience the Second Law of Thermodynamics by making ice cream.

Science in the Industrial Age discusses scientific advances, discoveries, inventions, and even errors from the early 1800s to the early 1900s. Students will see how the beliefs of the scientists influenced their interpretations of scientific data, preparing students to live in an opinionated and volatile scientific age in which the dominant worldview of many scientists no longer includes God.

Berean Science
New to Timberdoodle, Berean Science offers students an opportunity to study science through the lens of history. Using a narrative dialogue and a Christian worldview, Berean Science teaches science chronologically, so there are vast and varied science topics in each volume. Fairly bursting with experiments - every lesson has some sort of activity - Berean Science’s strong focus on this hands-on component makes it an ideal program for the wigglers in your household.

The hardcover textbooks have lots of full-color illustrations and the lessons are concise, but complete, distilling down to the core of what your child needs to know. Activities, all color-coded and easy to find quickly, often involve inexpensive household items, and are the gateway to the exploration of each scientific concept. Lesson material is often just a page or two following each activity, perfect for any child that struggles to sit and pay attention. And because each lesson concludes with questions or additional activities for "younger," "older," and "oldest" students, Berean Science lends itself well to multi-grade homes that prefer to use just one science curriculum for the entire family. Lessons are taught directly from the text, so parents and students share the same book.

Sprinkled throughout the text are optional "challenge" lessons that you are free to skip if time is an issue. Each book has a helpful section in the front that tells you all the materials you will need, broken down per chapter, for doing the experiments. If you would like a convenient, time-saving way to get nearly all of the materials you will need for the experiments, we now offer a lab kit! This lab kit is already assembled with virtually every non-household item the curriculum requires, so you won't have to go searching for elusive components. Berean Science is an excellent way to teach science, and a welcomed addition to the Timberdoodle kits.

Download Printable Notebook for Older Students PDF or
Download Printable Notebook for Oldest Students PDF

Publisher: Berean Builders Publishing
Author: Wile
Notebook for Older Students ISBN: 9781733316880
Notebook for Oldest Students ISBN: 9781733316897
Format: Spiral-bound paperback
Copyright: 2019
Printed In: USA
Faith-Based: Yes

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Danielle K.

Goes nicely with the text book


This is good for my 3rd grader tagging along with my 5th grader's science. It feels age appropriate and I like how some lessons are more structured and some give her freedom to create her own notes.