The Reason for God

The Reason for God

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Timberdoodle's Review
Watch Tim Keller tell about The Reason for God in this video.

This Book Has Dramatically Impacted Our Family
Our family first encountered The Reason for God years ago, and it still remains a family favorite. In fact, it is such a favorite of ours that each one of us obtained a copy, and many of us have been driven to read through it multiple times.

Thoughtful, Respectful, Clarifying, and Intellectually Challenging
In this apologia for Christian faith, Tim Keller, founding pastor of New York's Redeemer Presbyterian Church, makes an intellectually compelling case for God. The first seven chapters examine the most common objections and doubts about Christianity; the second half of the book considers reasons to believe. No one but Tim Keller will agree with everything he has written here, but everything written is worthy of thought, discussion, and further contemplation.

Should Be Mandatory Reading for Any High-School Student, Valuable for Every Adult
Equally provocative for skeptics and believers, no matter what belief system your family embraces, The Reason for God should be mandatory reading for your high-school student. Many questions are raised and answered such as: "Why does God allow suffering in the world?" "How could a loving God send people to Hell?" "How can one religion be 'right' and the others 'wrong'?" "Why have so many wars been fought in the name of God?" If your child cannot articulately answer these questions, he has some reading to do. These are the issues his peers are wrestling with, these are the questions he will encounter around the office water cooler or at a homeschool meeting. Your children need to be prepared. They need The Reason for God.

About the Author
Timothy Keller was born and raised in Pennsylvania, and educated at Bucknell University, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and Westminster Theological Seminary. He was first a pastor in Hopewell, Virginia. In 1989, he started Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan with his wife, Kathy, and their three sons. Today, Redeemer has nearly six thousand regular attendees at five services, a host of daughter churches, and is planting churches in large cities throughout the world.

Newsweek called Timothy Keller "a C. S. Lewis for the twenty-first century".

Publisher's Information
Author: Timothy Keller
Number of Pages: 336
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Penguin Books
Edition/Copyright: 04 Aug 2009
ISBN: 9781594483493
Reproducible: No
Faith-Based: Yes

Awards and Endorsements:
#7 on the New York Times Best Seller list for non-fiction March 2008
WORLD's Book of the Year 2008
2009 Christianity Today Book Awards Award of Merit

Reader's Guide
A terrific guide written by Penguin for book clubs and similar discussions. Download

Addresses the Hard Questions
When you read books that make a case for believing in God, you quickly get the feeling that they are written primarily for those who already believe. The authors of such books tend to gloss over the hardest questions about God.

For Skeptics and Believers
Timothy Keller is different. Not only does he not shy away from the hard questions, he addresses them with the seriousness they deserve. And while The Reason for God can and should be read to great benefit by believers, it's a valuable resource for skeptics. Keller speaks to serious doubters, agnostics, and atheists with the same respect he would show to members of his Manhattan church. The Reason for God is worthwhile reading for believers who seek a more reasonable basis for Christian faith, and for nonbelievers who are open to reasoned arguments in favor of God's existence.

Praise for The Reason for God:

"It is easy to understand [Timothy Keller's] appeal."
--The New York Times

"In a flood of bestsellers by skeptics and atheists...Keller stands out as an effective counterpoint and defender of the faith. The Reason for God makes a tight, accessible case for reasoned religious belief."
--The Washington Post

"It's a provocative premise, in pursuit of which Keller...takes on nonbelievers from evolutionary biologists to the recent rash of atheist authors."
--The Boston Globe

"Reverend Tim Keller [is] a Manhattan institution, one of those open urban secrets, like your favorite dim sum place, with a following so ardent and so fast-growing that he has never thought to advertise."
--New York Magazine

"An intellectually compelling case for God."
--Publishers Weekly

"I thank God for him."
--Billy Graham

The Reason for God Review by Family, Faith, and Fridays

Review by Family, Faith, and Fridays

”Maybe you know someone who has questions about Christianity. Maybe you do. Grab a copy of this book and soak in the truths. I think if you go in with eyes wide open, you may just come out the other side with a heart wide open as well!”

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This book is well written,

This book is well written, well organized, and understandable even for my high school kids.

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