ThinkPlay Gears Extreme

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Piece colors vary, so some of the projects will not match the colors of those shown in the project manual.

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Timberdoodle's Review
ThinkPlay STEM Gears Extreme 488-Piece Set
ThinkPlay Gears Extreme is an extraordinary kit from ThinkPlay, the internationally award-winning educational construction system. Designed to explore the basic physics of movement and rotation, effects of friction, creating power, and how simple machines need and use gears, this 488-piece set comes with a whole suite of instructions.

Note: Colors in your set may vary from those depicted in your manual.

The gear wheel comes in five sizes with different teeth arrangements, and each gear is marked clearly with its number of teeth. There are also two types of color-coded gear wheels, some with a smooth shaft and others with a geared one. Additionally, ThinkPlay Gears Extreme's side-connecting block pieces enable your young builder to make circles, curves, and spirals that remain impossible with traditional sets.

Timberdoodle's exclusive ThinkPlay Gears Extreme set includes Chains and Pulleys, enabling your child to complete an additional 25 projects.

With ThinkPlay Chains, your child can build a clock, snowplow, and chainsaw, as well as more technical models such as intricate chain panels. Or, creative engineers can assemble new constructions of an original design using the included 75 chain links.

ThinkPlay Pulleys is an engaging way for your child to investigate the useful simple machine, pulleys. There are eleven appealing pulley projects that your young builders will enjoy, from a bird with fluttering tail feathers to a helicopter with rotating blades. ThinkPlay Pulleys includes nine pulleys, four silicone bands, and detailed instruction sheets. Two fishing models call for string (not included).

Gears, chains, and pulleys come together in ThinkPlay Gears Extreme to take ThinkPlay's STEM and simple machines potential to a new level.

Manufacturer: Morphun
Faith-Based: No

CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Awards and Endorsements:
2012 Poland Gold Award
2012 Practical Pre-School Gold Award
2013 India Didactics Award
2013 BESA Education Resource of the year
2014 Bizziebaby Silver Award
2020 Authenticated Educational Product
2021 Newsweek Best in STEM

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Lots of fun

My three kids love these!! The instructions are easy to follow for my 7 year old, but a little harder for my 5 year old to follow, but still loves playing with it without the instructions. Even my 3 year old love it. However, I’m giving it four stars because we haven’t even had it for a week and one of the little chain links broke... I hope this is not a continued issue as they continue to play with it.

Great STEM Toy

The whole family loves this set.

So much to do

This is a fun STEM set. The pictures are self explanatory and my daughter follows along well. We do this every Wednesday as a fun mid week activity. Our kids do 3 items and they have been able to understand how to do them.

Fun to construct!

We have a lot of fun doing these gears. My only critiques is that my little 3 and 5 year olds sometimes have difficulty taking apart the pieces. It hurts their hands so they need my help. Also, I love the amount of models it comes with to build, but I have had the hardest time trying to figure out which one to do next. They are all mixed up in levels of difficulty so I have to find the next most appropriate one in the stacks of different models to try. I would appreciate the models being numbered in a book in order of difficulty. Otherwise, we really have enjoyed doing these together and seeing what else my kids can make out of them!

Thank you for your review! It is helpful to hear from customers like yourself so we can make this process easier for others. The supplier occasionally adds in more new looseleaf instructions, which although it makes it more difficult to figure out which one comes next, we feel that it is worth a bit more work so your family can enjoy the latest creations. But your frustration is very understandable, and I am sorry that our additional instructions were not more helpful. Because of customers like you and their requests, our Handbook team was able to make our instructions clearer in our more recent printings of our Handbook in the Kindergarten kit.

Here is a summary of the order we suggest, maybe this will help some:

1. Gears for Fun! Level 1 (having two sets of Gears for Fun! Level 1 is common, our supplier added an extra copy for those who are working with more than one child at a time.)
2. Morphun Gearphun Guide Book
3. The instruction sheets that don’t say chain or pulley at the top. These vary a bit from kit to kit as the supplier occasionally includes new sheets with new models, but an example of this would include Junior Starter Construction - Level 1C, and Gearphun Construction Models - Level 1B, Level 2A, Level 2B, Level 3A, Level 3B, Level 4A, Level 4B, Level 5A, Level 5B, Level 5C, Level 6A, and Level 6C.

4. Gearphun Junior Chains Guidebook (looseleaf)

5. Gearphun Chain Construction Models - Level 3A, Level 4A, Level 5A, and Level 6A. Level 6A fills two double-sided sheets; P3 and P4 are 6A’s second sheet.

6. Gearphun Pulley Construction Models - Level 3A, Level 4A, Level 5A, Level 6A

That said, you can also add flexibility as your child begins to love building with ThinkPlay! We suggest the preceding sequence because it would be overwhelming for a novice to jump in with an advanced model, but once your child possesses strong STEM skills, you can become more flexible. :)

I hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions for us!

--Hope for the Timberdoodle team

Great Activity

This is one of our son's favorite stem projects! He loves doing the guides and also making his owns. I love how it uses following directions, creativity , fine motor skills, and more! We love it!

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