ThinkPlay Preschool

ThinkPlay Preschool

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Piece colors vary so some of the projects will not match the colors of those shown in the project manual.

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Ages: 30 months+

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Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's 2019 Preschool Curriculum Kit and Non-Religious 2019 Preschool Curriculum Kit!
Timberdoodle's Review
ThinkPlay Preschool
If your home has engineers who still take naps, Thinkplay has a unique construction kit just for them. Winner of the prestigious 2018 Tillywig Award, ThinkPlay Preschool has taken the popular European construction series, Thinkplay, and has simplified it for younger ages. Suitable for children as young as 30 months, ThinkPlay Preschool has brightly colored cubes and prisms with studs on up to three sides, which allows for the building of multi-directional models. Best of all is the easy-to-follow spiralbound full-color-illustrated instruction manual with lots of diverse and progressively more challenging models that your preschooler can make.

Multidirectional, Versatile Bricks
The multidirectional design of the ThinkPlay Preschool bricks and the set's inclusion of wheels and axles allow kids to follow the instructions and create real-world objects like flowers, cars, trains, robots, wild animals, complex geometric shapes, and much more. And of course, ThinkPlay Preschool is compatible not only with all Thinkplay kits but also with Duplo® blocks. ThinkPlay Preschool comes packaged in a sturdy, lock-top tub for easy cleanup and storage, and includes an exclusive instruction manual. We have been using ThinkPlay Preschool with our three-year-old twins who love it, but heads-up, they do need a fair amount of adult guidance to complete the models. So if you are looking for a fun, structured way to connect to your preschooler, ThinkPlay Preschool is it.
Manufacturer: Morphun
Age Recommendation: 2 1/2 years+

Awards and Endorsements:
2018 Tillywig Award

Customer Reviews

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fun set

We enjoy these - we have specifically not purchased many Duplo sets because we had these - so it was a great set for us. I love the different shaped pieces that let them be a little more creative than an ordinary duplo set would allow. I feel like this set - my only wish was that it was a little less expensive.

Think Play Blocks

Ok I like that these blocks have unusual pieces like the triangle blocks and the rods and wheels. I also LOVE that it comes with it’s a building guide. My only problem is that these blocks are pretty difficult to snap together. I end up having to snap them together (which takes some of the fun out of it for the little guy.)

Whitney, Thank you for your feedback on ThinkPlay! Good news! Beyond being a superior construction set for this age group. One of the reasons this set made it into your child's curriculum kit this year is the fine-motor skill element. The extra effort that your preschooler may have to expend at the beginning of the school year, developing the fine-motor skills needed to assemble these creations, is, at the same time increasing the fine-motor skills he will need to write and draw and more! It is a win, win! --Hope
Basically Legos

This was a little disappointing only because we already own a ton Lego sets. They are basically the same thing, so when I already had a ton of them it felt like a waste of money. However, I do like the case they come in and the building instructions are a lot easier to follow. Would be AMAZING if I hadn't already had the Legos.

Tasha, We appreciate you taking the time to review ThinkPlay! We, like you, have bins and bins of Duplo and lego sets! But ThinkPlay wins, in the curriculum sense, over Duplo/lego due to its documentation. While many block sets may come with instructions about how to build a specific design, ThinkPlay includes step by step directions for over 20 designs! And due to ThinkPlay's unique design and shapes, your child will learn to create such things as a helicopter, giraffe, duck, circle, ship, etc. and all this starting as young as 2 1/2 or 3 years old. The ability to follow directions and go from 2D to 3D is often not an inherent skill. Using ThinkPlay, you can ensure that your preschooler develops both their construction skills and their visual processing skills sequentially. That's a win in our book! --Hope
Exciting Possibilities

We love Duplos in this house, so I considered not getting this, but I'm glad I did. These blocks allow you to build in many directions, and the rods and wheels add extra excitement and opportunities. They have holes going through them so the rods can attach to any piece. The detailed instructions are helpful, easy to read and vary in difficulty. My almost 3 year old loves the idea of them but struggles to push them together (they're a bit tight). I suspect the tightness will be nice later. So instead, I have him tell me what to do and find pieces and I push them together for him. They are a bit expensive, but so are Duplos and other blocks and I think it's worth it if it encourages building.

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