Three Little Piggies Smart Game

Three Little Piggies Smart Game

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Timberdoodle's Review

Three Little Piggies
I love the thought behind this logic puzzle specifically designed for preschoolers. Each of the three puzzle pieces features a windowed house so that your child can keep track of the placement of the pigs. During the day the pigs frolic in the river, but at night, when the wolf is about, they need to be safely tucked into their homes. The challenge of the game is to place the three large puzzle pieces on the game board so that the pigs stay outside during the day and inside at night. Also included with the game is a sweet 24-page wordless picture book with their version of the story of the Three Little Piggies. This is a perfect brain game for young children.

From the Manufacturer:
Once upon a time...
Can you help these three smart pigs build their houses? Can you set them up so that the pigs can play outside? If you spot the wolf can you help the pigs stay safe inside their houses? Three Little Piggies is a perfect brain game for young children.

It features 3 big puzzle pieces that are easy to hold, and kids will be intrigued by the way the pigs fit inside the houses and look through the windows. 


Players: 1
Ages: 3-6
Challenges: 48
Faith-Based: No
Manufacturer: SmartGames

CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Awards and Endorsements:
2015 Play Advance Language (PAL) Award
2015 ASTRA Best Toys for Kids Award
2015 Creative Child Puzzle Game of the Year Award
2015 Gold Star Toy Award Winner by Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine
2015 Right Start Best Toy Award (UK)
2015 Toy of the year Award (Belgium)
2015 Speelgoed van het jaar (The Nethererlands)

Three Little Piggies Review by Flanders Family Homelife

review by Flanders Family Homelife

”I love the sense of accomplishment on this 4-year-old’s face when he figures it out on his own. Don’t you know he’s proud of himself?”

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Three Little Piggies Review by One Luckey Wife

review by One Luckey Wife

”My daughter absolutely loves Three Little Piggies! ...My favorite thing is when she finds a solution that isn’t the one suggested in the challenge book. It shows me that she is really gaining the critical thinking skill.”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews

I am a person who really enjoys brain teaser type puzzles, and my daughter is the same way. This game was fun for both of us. She would make me turn around while she solved it and then would make me try, and I will admit there were one or two that I had to think twice about. They are really good at the progression from easy to hard, it seems very gentle for this age group. I also enjoyed the two different kinds of games that we got to play, one where you just fit the houses around the pigs and then another where you had to hide the pigs in the houses from the big bad wolf. Such a great game that I really can't say enough about it!

A true winner!

My little boy gets excited when this is on the day's schedule. He's been able to solve them all at least once. But to see his mind working right before me is amazing. A person of any age can play. The set is well made and is awesome. It's hard to stop at 1 or 2 challenges.

Three Little Piggies

My son loves this game and is always asking to play. It's a perfect way to learn logic skills through play. And it's perfectly designed to start out easy and get more challenging as the child gains more experience.

Three Little Piggies Smart Game

We used this game as early informal logic training and our daughter had a blast with it. It's held up well across time too, and our toddler plays with it sometimes. It gives puzzles to solve in increasing difficulty. We enjoy this game as part of our education.

so much fun!

This game is so much fun! I love that it has the night time mode (with the wolf) and the day time mode. My daughter loves this game and looks forward to playing it! I plan on purchasing it again for my nephew for Christmas!

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