Typing Instructor Gold - Windows

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Timberdoodle's Review
Typing Instructor Gold for Windows, Version 22

Our Favorite Typing Program!
If you are looking for the best typing program available for your family, look no further. We spent countless hours evaluating the competition, but everything else we tried was juvenile, stressful, violent, or just plain dumb.

A No-Nonsense Approach to Typing
As a busy teaching parent with children who feel equally occupied with commitments, we were looking for a no-nonsense approach to typing. Being able to get in, get the lesson done, and move on is a tremendous benefit, and with Typing Instructor Gold you can.

Lessons Can Be Tailored to Your Skill Level
Typing Instructor Gold offers a variety of typing plans that can be tailored to your skill level and preferences, including a typing plan just for children. Plus, with the "dynamic learning" technology, your child will improve faster because his weak areas will be automatically targeted. With this version, you will be able to create your own lessons, add your own music, and even build your own typing plans. Finally, the clincher for us was the dictation feature. Here, your child will improve his touch-typing skills by typing as the computer reads aloud a passage to him. As you can guess, some passages are better than others, but this is a great, practical skill, so sort through the essays to find ones that you are comfortable with.

Add Your Favorite Music
No typing program is perfect, and Typing Instructor Gold is no exception. We don't care for the arcade games, and some of the music drives us nuts. But you can skip the games and turn off or add your own music and it will not affect the efficiency of the program.

The Best Tool to Teach This Indispensable Skill
Being a competent typist gives children greater job flexibility and allows them to be more productive. Typing Instructor Gold is the easiest, most cost-effective method to teach this vital skill.

Adventure Tools
Take the Tour to learn everything about Typing Instructor. The Travel Port shows typists where they are on their Adventure, where they are going next, and what keys they will learn. The Passport shows stamps of the places they have visited so far. Typists can display a variety of graphs in the Saved Results area to see their performance on all their completed typing activities: lessons, tests, articles, and even games. Users can see their progress and the keys on the keyboard they need to practice. Typing Instructor’s Dynamic Learning feature evaluates Typist’s Results to determine weak typing skill areas. Once identified, Typing Instructor automatically creates specific lessons for the typist to improve weak areas.
  • Proven Typing Instruction Techniques
  • Hundreds of Plans, Lessons, & Tests
  • Standard or Split Keyboard & Keypad
  • New! 20+ Step-by-Step Typing Plans

  • 3 Travel Themes
  • 36 Travel Destinations
  • 10 Action-Packed Games
  • Multi-Level Games

  • Motivating
  • Collect Rewards & Travel Accomplishments
  • 300+ Interesting Magazine Articles
  • Add Your Own Plans, Lessons, Tests, Articles, & Music

    Windows System Requirements
  • Pentium® P4
  • Microsoft Windows® 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • 580 MB Hard Drive Space
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • 800 x 600 16-Bit or Higher Display
  • 16-bit Sound Card
  • Speakers or Headphones
  • Internet Connection Recommended

  • The GOLD Title's Improvements:
  • New Platform
  • Air instead of Flash
  • Full-Screen Option
  • 64 bit

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    Publisher: Individual Software
    Version: 22, Gold
    Publisher's Recommended Age Range: 8 & Up
    Compatible With: Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7
    Copyright: 2019
    Faith-Based: No

    Awards and Endorsements:
    SIIA Codie Award Finalist - Best Education Technology Solution for Home/Consumer
    Newsweek Magazine - Top 50 CD-ROMs
    CD-ROM Today - Critic's Choice!
    Top Ten Reviews - Best Overall 2018 - Gold Award!
    Bessie Awards - Best Educational Software
    Computer Times - Editor's Choice Software
    The ComputED Gazette - Winner! Eddie Awards - Best in Typing/Keyboarding!

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    Typing Instructor Gold Windows
    Can learning to type be FUN?!
    Can learning to type be FUN?!

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