Wrap-Ups Subtraction

Wrap-Ups Subtraction

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Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's 2019 First-Grade Curriculum Kit and Non-Religious 2019 First-Grade Curriculum Kit!
Timberdoodle's Review
Finally, a learning manipulative that is truly portable! Your children can use Wrap-Ups in the car, at the beach, at the doctor's office, or even during a home-school meeting; the possibilities are endless! Because of the portability of Wrap-Ups, they can be practiced anywhere. Wrap-Ups are excellent for drill-work. Challenge your children to complete a board in less than a minute before they start the next board.

Each set of Wrap-Ups contains ten self-correcting, joined-at-the-top boards (about 1 1/2” x 5”), with a colorful, attached string. The string wraps around from the problem on the left to the answer on the right. If the answers are correct, the string will cover the lines on the back of the board.

This is a wonderful tool for visual and kinesthetic children, and if you encourage them to say the problems aloud, it is equally marvelous for the auditory child. Because it is self-correcting, your children will have immediate feedback for checking accuracy (plus, it takes you out of the picture as the bearer of “bad news”).


  • The set stays together with a rivet at the top.
  • A single string, already attached, makes them easy to use and organize.
  • Students wrap the string from the problem on the left to the answer on the right, and then turn the Wrap-Ups over to see if they got it right.
  • Use a stopwatch to measure improvement and to see how fast they can really go.

  • Keys: 10, riveted together
    Drill Problems: 120
    Manufacturer: Learning Wrap-Ups
    Made In: China
    Faith-Based: No

    Customer Reviews

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    Wrap-Ups Subtraction

    My son doesn't care for math but he loves wrapping these so I'm calling it a win win situation.

    Wrap-Ups Subtraction

    These are so much fun! We bought addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. So much better than flash cards. Its and engaging activity that kids can do independently (in the car, yay!) and can self correct. The weaving motion is great for kids with dysgraphia/dyslexia. There are no pieces to lose and the string/yarn has held up nicely.

    Wrap-Ups Subtraction

    I really enjoy having these are extra practice for math lessons. Just like manipulatives, these keep their hands busy and involved. I like that it is self checking and therefore independent.

    Wrap-Ups Subtraction

    My kids thought these were so cool! I love that it makes review a sort of game, and we can take them in the car or to the doctor's office or other errands.

    Wrap-Ups Subtraction

    I thought this would be great for my first grader to practice with while I was busy with my younger children. But it is too big to fit in his hand. And he can't figure out how to get the right tension on the string in order to wrap up the answers. So it doesn't work for us, yet.

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