Write Now by Getty-Dubay

Write Now by Getty-Dubay

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Timberdoodle's Review
Write Now by Getty-Dubay
Write Now was developed as a complete program for adults by Barbara Getty and Inga Dubay, internationally recognized for their series of handwriting textbooks.

About Italic Handwriting for adults:
We used to get many calls from moms asking about a handwriting program. For nearly 7 years of business, we did not carry a handwriting course for 2 reasons. The first is that we are fairly low-key about the need for a handwriting course. Being a mail-order business, we have seen handwriting of every description and realize good or bad handwriting is seemingly no hindrance to success in life. Back in the day when most of our orders actually came by mail, we undeniably appreciated good handwriting, and would comment amongst ourselves when an order form was particularly readable.

If we were to carry a handwriting course, it would have to do more than teach fine skills. It would have to result in something that was beautifully legible! This brings us to the second reason why we have never carried a handwriting course. The course we are and have been using with our children was not available for resale when we originally asked. Sure, there were and are dozens of adequate handwriting courses available for resale. But in clear conscience, we couldn't and wouldn't sell what we ourselves won't use. So when the publisher changed their policies and contacted us about being dealers, we were only too happy to sign up! Italic Handwriting is:

  • Gloriously legible.
  • Logical because the transition from printing to cursive is exceptionally smooth.
  • Easy to write as it conforms to natural hand movements.

    Traditional cursive, written fast, is nearly illegible. However, in cursive italic handwriting, the letters are formed quickly and easily and with no loops to clutter. Even rapidly written cursive italic is easy to read. Handwriting, especially in this era of word processors, takes a fairly low priority compared to other subjects. However, if you are going to make handwriting a part of your curriculum, why not use the best? We've looked at a lot and think that as far as a lifetime skill, Italic Handwriting wins "hands down!" Each book has the basics of how to form each letter and then age-appropriate exercises that students do in the workbook.
  • Features
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    Author: Barbara Getty & Inga Dubay
    Number of Pages: 96
    Format: Softcover
    Publisher: Getty-Dubay Productions
    ISBN: 9780982776223
    Edition/Copyright: 2005
    Made In: USA
    Reproducible: No
    Faith-Based: No

    Customer Reviews

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    Love it. My daughter' s

    Love it. My daughter' s handwringing is starting to improve. So is mine.

    Great for older students/adults

    I used the Getty Dubay workbooks with my sons, and it helped develop their beautiful, legible handwriting. But there was a problem. My own writing looked more like a doctor's scribbling! I saw that they were beginning to wonder why they had to be diligent about their handwriting and I did not. So, when I saw this book, I ordered it for myself. When they would do their writing practice, I would do mine as well, following this book. And it actually worked! My handwriting is very much improved, and it really does come in handy sometimes to have nice-looking handwriting. This book would also be good for older students who just need some help, and don't want to deal with "childish" workbooks.