Exploring Creation with Zoology 2

Exploring Creation with Zoology 2

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Exploring Creation with Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day
This Apologia elementary science book will take you and your family on an exploration into the wonders of the swimming creatures made on the fifth day of Creation. You'll begin with a big splash from the whales and dolphins, then spy on seals and meet manatees before swimming with the sea turtles, snakes, and salamanders. You'll even peek in on the primeval plesiosaurus and its pals. See our optional lab kit here.

About the Young Explorer Series:
When we decided to offer our customers a boxed curriculum, we knew that our eclectic approach to science needed a bit of fine-tuning, so we knew we needed Young Explorer, Jeannie Fulbright's elementary science program. Not only does this in-depth curriculum, with its gorgeous, full-color pictures and captivating, God-exalting text, sparkle in comparison to the mainstream, dry-bones science program, it utilizes what we believe is the most sensible method to teaching science, the immersion approach.

While other science programs, with their yearly superficial overviews, quickly become tedious as children encounter the repetitiveness of topic matters, the Young Explorer science immersion program will allow your family to enjoy the depth and riches that genuine science can give. Most home-taught children who enjoy science are being taught with a science immersion program.

Because this program utilizes a combination of the Charlotte Mason and classical methods, you can count on each Young Explorer book to acknowledge the evidence of Creation, have easy-to-follow lessons that are self-contained, include hands-on activities, and support National Standards of Science. Recommended for ages six through twelve, but written with a fourth-grader in mind, you may find that your older children will enjoy doing the coursework on their own, while younger, less confident readers will prefer parental involvement.

We encourage you to let your child choose the topic to study that captures your student’s interest. Your student can use the Young Explorer titles in any order since each book’s content stands alone. Because of the concept levels, the publisher suggests that Earth Science, Human Anatomy & Physiology, and Chemistry & Physics are better suited for upper elementary grades. However, younger students can certainly follow along and learn well if older siblings have progressed into these last three books. The Junior Notebooking Journals, for grades K-2, will allow them to absorb the concepts at their level.

If you would like a convenient, time-saving way to get nearly all of the materials you will need for the experiments, we now offer a lab kit! This lab kit is already assembled with virtually every non-household item the curriculum requires, so you won't have to go searching for elusive components.

View Exploring Creation with Zoology 2 sample pages here (sample pages include Text & Notebooking Journal sample pages, Table of Contents, Supply List, and more).

Though not required, a student journal is available separately and is the perfect complement to this textbook.

Get the optional Lab Kit for Exploring Creation with Zoology 2 here.

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Apologia Educational Ministries
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Zoology 1

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Old Schoolhouse EE Award 2015 1st Place Winner!
Practical Homeschooling 2015 Reader Award Top Ranked by Homeschoolers!
One of Cathy Duffy's 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum 2015!
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Customer Reviews

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Amber N.

My six year old loves marine biology. It requires quite a bit of reading to him and sit down time. We generally read about 3 pages everyday which is enough to keep his attention and keep him excited for next time.

Monica B.

I used this for my 4th grader who loves marine biology and all things animal related. He loved it and had fun with the experiments and learning more about the animals he loves.

Swimming Creatures

My daughter enjoyed learning about the marine mammals and some of the interesting creatures in the ocean. We didn't do the experiments, and she always finds the note booking a bit tedious and repetitive, but enjoys the textbooks. The writing style is friendly and written like the author is chatting with you. Still, they have far too much text for a younger elementary student, unless your child can deal with that. Upper elementary is a good age for them.

Amazing book

My kids and I love this book!

Brittany H.

I found this to be more advanced than the Astronomy book in the same series. It may be because this is an older edition...but the pages were less engaging with my younger children. There is so much information presented in this book though. It's truly a great resource. I was learning some things right along with my children.