Mosdos Literature Overview

Literature cannot be neutral, but will either clash or harmonize with your family’s values. Mosdos Press Literature is a complete literature program that does not glamorize evil nor present subject matter that is not age-appropriate. Neither does it portray as normal a cynical disregard for positive values, but reinforces the universal ideals of courage, honesty, loyalty, and compassion. Readings are from both classic and contemporary works that are wholesome, and stress both caring for others, and a concern for the natural world. Mosdos Press Literature includes a beautifully illustrated student reader with selections of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, the novella (and, for the older grades, novels); an engaging student activity workbook; and a detailed and well-organized teacher's edition. If you are homeschooling a child in grades 3-8 and want a literature program that will encourage wholesome values with stories that are colorful and engaging, you'll love Mosdos Press Literature.

The stunning Mosdos textbooks are massive, so “How do we schedule this?” is a fair question! We show you how here.

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