2020 Timberdoodle Kit Launch Party

Timberdoodle's 2020 Curriculum Kits Launch at 8AM PST on April 15th!

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Our 2020 curriculum is scheduled to launch on April 15th, and we can't wait to introduce you! Most of our curriculum's main components stay the same from year to year, but with fun additions or changes to the hands-on elements. This year you'll find some stand-out STEM additions, art kits, and so much more. Plus, many grades now include the science lab kits you've so often requested! In anticipation of the launch party, we'll be adding videos all week with highlights you can expect to see in the 2020 kits. Stay tuned!

Have you heard of convergent vs. divergent thinking?
Timberdoodle's founder Deb and her daughter Pearl are here to explain in two minutes what the difference is and why each one matters.

Why do 2020 Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits include more games?
Yes, the new kits will have more games, and for some very good reasons . Deb and Pearl explain why!

What's the big deal about STEM?
If you know Timberdoodle, you know that we have a passion for STEM. In this video our founder Deb explains to Pearl how her college experience helped shape her passion to teach this well.

Why Timberdoodle includes art in our Curriculum Kits
Is art really essential? What if you're not artistic? What are the mental health benefits? Hope and Grace explain.

Can you explain the Timberdoodle Reading Challenge?
A reading challenge is part of every Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit, from Tiny Tots to 12th Grade. But what is it? Do you list specific titles or just ideas? Grace and Hope give you a tour.