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Timberdoodle's Review
Prepare Your Child
Home-taught children who are not prepared for their yearly standardized tests are at a distinct disadvantage to the government- and privately-taught children. If you reside in a state that requires standardized tests, you should know that a vast majority of certified teachers teach with the test in mind. In other words, teachers understand the types of questions that will appear on the standardized tests, and they will spend weeks preceding the tests covering the necessary information. If you do not do likewise, your children stand a chance of performing poorly in comparison.

Essential Groundwork
For those of us in a state where some form of testing is required but never scrutinized, preparing is not as critical. However, some of you are in states where the test results are not only analyzed but used as a basis for whether you may continue to home educate. Why not make sure your children are "playing on a level playing field"? The Test Prep series offers students the essential groundwork needed to prepare for standardized tests.

Based on subject areas covered by most state standardized tests, these colorful, inviting workbooks provide a good sampling of all the skills required of each grade level. Practice pages, strategies, tips, and full-length practice tests build test-taking confidence and skills in subjects such as reading comprehension, vocabulary, language, and math. The test tips are beneficial, and the information and instructions are super-easy to follow.

Developed by a leading educational publisher, Harcourt's Test Prep provides a great opportunity for children to review before taking standardized state tests. Engaging, practical, and easy to use, Test Prep will help your children face the tests with the same confidence that their peers will have.
Works On:
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Math
  • Listening
  • Language
  • Test Tips

  • Publisher’s Information:
    Number of Pages: 128
    Format: Paperback
    Publisher: Spark Publishing
    In Association With: Harcourt Family Learning
    Edition/Copyright: 2005
    Manufactured In: China
    ISBN: 9781411403987
    Consumable: Yes
    Faith-Based: No

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews

    We used this book in March to see where our 8 year olds' level was and she had not problem understanding the content. I was not stressful for her to take it like it was a test.

    Caitlin S.
    Test Prep

    Great way to see what your kiddo knows/doesn't know and to prepare for state testing if required.

    Jill W.

    I like this book. I haven't used it yet but have looked through it so I know what I am up against in a couple weeks. I like that it is colorful this year. My daughter hates when it isn't in color and that becomes a battle. I do very little testing in our homeschool so this is great to help her know what that is like and to be comfortable with it. I had horrible test anxiety as a kid and I really don't want that for her so this will be great.

    Jennifer R.
    Nice book

    My child can be intimidated by tests but this book makes testing more fun! We do very little homeschool testing but this book is great when I want to work with the other little kids. My child can easily do a few pages on her own and doesn't even feel like she's being tested. It's a win!

    CT m.2.
    Not as good as Spectrum Test Prep

    I received this as part of the 2nd grade curriculum kit for 2020. I think it is important to have a standardized test booklet in the kits so that we parents can evaluate whether our child has hit the benchmarks for their grades. Last year, Spectrum Test Prep was included in the kits and those were great. Harcourt just isn't as good and I was disappointed by this item. The format is less like standarized tests I have seen and there seems to be less content (fewer questions, so less practice) and more fluff. While it may technically fit most standards, the presentation is not as "professional." It's as if the publishers wanted to make it more accessible to the student and parent. However, real standarized tests are not like that. If it's possible, I think Spectrum Test Prep should be added back into the kits. They are superior in quality.


    Thank you for your review! We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us!

    Part of what drew us to the Harcourt Test Prep was the bright, colorful pages with lots of white space. As you introduce or assist your child through the intimidating testing process, we think having their first attempt for the year surrounded by cheerful, easy-looking pages is a win. Not only does Harcourt give your child a fun look at testing, but it also can provide you with insight into whether there are any holes in your child's learning that you want to cover or reinforce before doing their official testing.

    The main reason, though, that we switched from Spectrum was not dissatisfaction with Spectrum but supply issues. Some of their grades were out or going out of stock, and they could not guarantee a reprint when we launched our kits. With Covid, their situation may have changed, so you may be able to select Spectrum in the future.

    I hope this helps. Thank you again!

    --Hope for the Timberdoodle team