The Mystery of History Volume 2

The Mystery of History Volume 2

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About the Student Reader
Bible-Centered Approach to Learning History
Written by homeschool mom Linda Hobar, The Mystery of History Volume 2 is another spectacular masterpiece. Not just a textbook, The Mystery of History Volume 2 is brimming with multi-age activities, book and video lists, memory helps, and timeline suggestions. Written in a conversational style for elementary through high school students, The Mystery of History can also be used as a read-aloud with younger children. What appeals to us most about this program is its worldwide approach to history.

Teaches History from the Early Church through the Middle Ages
The Mystery of History Volume 2 provides a historically-accurate, Bible-centered approach to learning about the Early Church and the Middle Ages from Pentecost to the printing press! The completely chronological lessons span the continents to shed new light on who walked the earth when God revealed Himself to mankind during this pivotal period of history.

Eighty-Four Lessons
The Mystery of History's user-friendly format presents three lessons per week with hands-on activities, quizzes, tests, a weekly timeline, mapping assignments, and supplemental reading and resource list. Volume I is not a prerequisite but is highly recommended.

From the Publisher:
Volume II, in the words of the author:

The Mystery of History Volume II (AD 30 – 1456) picks up where the story of Volume I leaves off – at the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the first lesson I address Acts 1:8 with the promise of the Father to send the Holy Spirit. It is called the Day of Pentecost. From there, the history of the Early Church really begins. It is not an easy history to digest. It was amid trials, persecution, and martyrdom that the magnificent story of Jesus Christ spread.

In Volume II, I expand on the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the Dark Ages that followed. This text delves into...

  • the chivalry of knights and damsels, kings and queens, and the peasants who faithfully served them
  • Vikings and villains; castles and crusades; and the poetry of Dante and Chaucer
  • the life of Mohammed and the spread of Islam
  • the rise and fall of dynasties in Japan and China
  • the Coptic (Egyptian) Church and Great Zimbabwe in the south
  • the rituals of the Aztecs and the gold of the Incas in Peru
  • the peoples of New Zealand and Greenland, on opposite ends of the earth, as they emerge into our view of world history.

  • All along the way, Volume II of The Mystery of History pauses to hear the voice of God as He speaks through missionaries like Columba, St. Patrick, and Cyril. Students will learn of the struggles within the Medieval church as it grows, expands, and threatens the authority of emperors and kings. I ended this volume with the tragic death of Joan of Arc, the fall of Constantinople, and the invention of the printing press that helps spread the Word of God across Europe.

    You won’t find these significant and amazing stories packaged together just anywhere. I’ve done the research for you so that you and your students are free to absorb this history and explore the untold mysteries in between.
    The Mystery of History Volume 2:
    Table of Contents
    Sample Week of Lessons
    Download MOH II Map Answer Key PDF

  • Eighty-Four Lessons
  • Teaches History from A.D. 30 - A.D. 1460
  • Multi-Age Activities
  • Supplemental Reading and Resource List
  • Memory Helps
  • Timeline Suggestions
  • Reproducible Worksheets
  • Tests
  • Review
  • Answer Key

  • Publisher's Information
    Author: Linda Lacour Hobar
    704 three-hole-punched and perforated pages
    Binding: Softcover
    Publisher: Bright Ideas Press
    Made In:
    Bible translation:
    New King James

    Awards and Endorsements:
    The Old Schoolhouse 2013 Excellence in Education Winner
    1st Place in Middle School History—Teach Them Diligently Family Favorites Award (2020)
    1st Place in Middle School History—The Old Schoolhouse Excellence Award (2019)
    Teach Them Diligently Family Favorites Award (2019)
    Reader’s Choice—Best Homeschool History Resource (2012)
    Mary Pride’s “Practical Homeschooling Reader Award” (2009)
    A “Top Back to Homeschool Resource Award” (2009)
    Cathy Duffy’s “100 Top Picks”

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews

    My son is enjoying this course! I've been reading it aloud to him so I get to enjoy it also!

    The Mystery of History Volume III

    My kids absolutely LOVE the Mystery of History! My son has done every year of it and my daughter is working through it, and loves it just as much.

    Engaging History!

    My son has always liked history but now he loves it and wants to do History first. This history is engaging even for reluctant learners. We even like Volume II even more than we liked Volume I. :)

    Fun History Lessons

    We have used all the Mystery of History Books and love them! The lessons are easily read by the student (which is helpful to a busy momma) and the activities are separated by age, which is also helpful. There are also map pages and time line work if you so choose to do them. Great course!

    Mystery of History Vol 2

    My girls love this curriculum! After using Vol 1 last year, they asked to use it again this year. History has not been a favorite subject for them in the past. Mystery of History has changed that!

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