World Scrunch Map

World Scrunch Map

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Timberdoodle's Review
Wall maps are great, unless you want access to them in another room. Portable maps are convenient, until you need to put them away and face the complex origami of the traditional map. Now you have both convenience and portability with a ScrunchMap. Is there any easier way to fold a map than to scrunch it up into a ball and stuff it in a fist-sized bag? Printed on water- and tear-resistant material, ScrunchMaps are as kid-proof as you can get. So take your ScrunchMap out to the treehouse, down to the beach, up the mountain, and across the country; this map is designed to be a workhorse.

Very detailed with gorgeous colors, ScrunchMap is portable, practical, measures 36 x 24 inches and can be used in any weather! Stuff one in your purse, backpack, desk drawer, or jacket pocket; ScrunchMap comes with its own drawstring bag.


Manufacturer: ScrunchMap
Size: 24 x 36 inches
Faith-Based: No
World Scrunch Map Review by Cummins Life

review by Cummins Life

”I love the details and colors and how durable it is. This is especially important because little hands are using it.”

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World Scrunch Map Review by Mama Bean AZ

review by Mama Bean AZ

”The boys love that it looks like an “adult” map and we love that we don’t have to worry about them destroying the “nice” maps. It scrunches so nicely into its cute little carry case, which hangs on a hook from our school cart.”

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World Scrunch Map Review by So Every Day

review by So Every Day

”It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s made of some sort scrunchable paper-like material and it can be balled up and shoved inside a little bag that comes with it.”

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Customer Reviews

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Melissa B.
Seems Indestructible!

This map is made out of a lightweight material that feels paper-thin, but somehow does not crease or tear, and can truly be scrunched, crumpled up, wrinkled, stepped on, crawled on and still looks just like it did right out of the packaging! We’ve enjoyed spreading it out on the floor to lay on our bellies and have that tactile experience to really delve into our geography lessons! It is a great tool for kinesthetic learners, and is highly detailed with vibrant colors. We love it!

Cassandra A.
Love these!

We are obsessed with our crinkle maps over here! So much fun to pull out for school or adventures around the house! So easy to use and ball up and use again, love that they are waterproof and so child friendly!

Best portable map

The ScrunchMap world has been so handy to pull out as a point of reference when a place comes up during my son's lessons. Most recently when his reading lesson mentioned that swiss cheese was first made in Switzerland, I was able to easily show him the country on the map. Since we do not have room to hang maps on our walls, this is a super convenient option. I'm also impressed by the quality of it. Though it is about as thin as a disposable table cloth, it is durable. I tried tearing it and was pleased I could not.

Mahria D.
Time test

I've already gone threw few maps with my kids even a blow up globe and so far this one looks like it may last much longer than the rest.


The kids love carrying this map around and scrunching it back up is so much easier than folding it!

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