A Reason for Writing - Kindergarten

A Reason for Writing - Kindergarten

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Grades: Kindergarten

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Timberdoodle's Review
A Reason for Writing - Kindergarten
This book focuses on writing individual letters, accompanied by pictures to color, mostly of animals. A perfect fit for the beginning writer!

About the A Reason for Writing Series
Handwriting, especially in this era of word processors, is a fairly low priority compared to other subjects. However, if you are going to make handwriting a part of your curriculum, here is something to think about. For over a dozen years we sold and used another handwriting program. The end result for us was less than stellar, even if the children's handwriting had duplicated what was pictured in the exercise books, as I would question the time spent on copying meaningless sentences. Because we know that handwriting is a learned motor skill requiring regular practice, doesn't it seem that if your child is going to labor over something with his mind and hands, he should also engage his heart? A Reason for Writing does all three.

Includes scripture border sheets
With each 10- to 15-minute daily lesson built around Bible verses, content is not only instructional, but also inspirational. Plus, at the end of each week your children will be given the opportunity to apply excellence to their work as they copy their verse-of-the-week onto their choice of "Scripture Border Sheets." Done with care, these completed sheets are worthy of sharing with friends and family. (Note: your child will get to this feature in future grades, but it isn't a part of K.)

Living Bible Paraphrase
A Reason for Writing uses a Living Bible paraphrase for its verses. For those dyed-in-the-wool KJV-only families, let me suggest that even this Scriptural rendition is better for your child to toil over than the trivial sentence about the environment, common in other handwriting programs. Each workbook is full color.

View a sample lesson

This full-color workbook focuses on one letter per lesson built around a Creation theme. This is the only workbook that does not include verses and border sheets.

Author: Carol Ann Retzer, Eva Hoshino
Pages: 144
Binding: Paperback
Copyright: 2001
ISBN: 9780936785370
Publisher: The Concerned Group
Consumable: Yes
Reproducible: No
Faith-Based: Yes

Customer Reviews

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A Reason for Writing - Kindergarten

We were using Spelling You See but it was a little advanced for my 6 year old so we switched to A Reason for Handwriting and I love it. He definitely needed more writing practice and I love that the letters are big and he gets to color.

A Reason for Writing - Kindergarten

We just love this book! It is great practice for the letters and has a picture to color with every page. I have used this now for two children with their Kindergarten curriculum and it has been an amazing tool!

A Reason for Writing K

I have been pleased with this handwriting program. I wanted a program to help my twins form letter correctly (top to bottom etc). This program is nice- the treehouse allows learners to get a good visual and understanding for exactly how and where a letter should be formed on the paper. Lessons are short and include a fun color page. I would recommend.

A Reason for Handwriting - Kindergarten

I really love to trace the letters and the on the back of the page I can color and trace a word! I like to doodle all over the page when I'm done and I can read the word above the picture. My handwriting is way better (22 weeks in). My uppercase are the best, but my lowercase are better (than they were). I really like to write letters to my friend. Everyone can read my handwriting and that makes me feel happy. My mommy says "practice makes perfect!" My daddy says my handwriting is better than his! That makes happy, but feel sad for his handwriting! My favorite letter is C!

One of the better handwriting books I've Seen

I really like this handwriting book because it has some of the letters to trace and some that you need to form your own. There are single dots so the student knows where to start, which is a good guide, but it allows the student to write their letters in a semi guided way instead of either free hand or complete tracing. The pages are clean with nice pictures on the back for coloring. Good design and easy to follow.

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