Amazing World War II Stories

Amazing World War II Stories

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Amazing World War II Stories
Introduce your student to some of the most clever and tenacious unsung heroes of World War II with this collection of four true stories. Encounter a squadron of female pilots doing nighttime bombings in dilapidated airplanes and a lone soldier reputed to be unbreakable. With tales such as these, Amazing World War II Stories offers the type of history that sticks. Other stories include the Navajo Code Talkers with their code that helped defeat the enemy, and the Ghost Army, a U.S. tactical deception unit that misled the Germans. Each action-packed story is presented in an engaging, graphic novel format. However, due to the candid nature of these stories, parents of younger children may wish to pre-read to determine suitability.

About Graphic Novels:
Experienced parents know that the amount of reading their child does will have a direct and positive impact on his reading fluency and vocabulary development. That is why graphic novels - which we used to refer to as comic books - though once relegated to the category of lowbrow reading, are now experiencing a surge in popularity.

You may think that the comic book medium is primarily for mainstream American children who are peppered by snack-size visual and audio bombardment. If you desire that your children slow down and feast on the written word, then you may cringe at the idea of a graphic novel version of Moby Dick. But before you issue a home-wide ban on these books, consider the following.

If you have a reluctant or beginning reader, your first concern should be for fluidity and competency. You will find that the graphic novel's illustrations draw your child in even as the vocabulary becomes more complex. Then, because the graphics are so attention-grabbing, children often find themselves reading for pleasure.

If your reluctant reader is an older child, your main concern may be making sure that he is culturally savvy. With graphic novels, vocabulary is introduced via contextual clues, making great literature accessible to more children. The interesting pictures and snappy dialogue, with little-to-no narration to bog the reader down, will encourage independent reading and learning. As the child's competence and confidence grow, so will his joy of literacy.

Even if your older child is a competent reader, he will enjoy taking a break from the verbally intense books characteristic of higher-level learning to enjoy a more visual form of storytelling. A 2006 study found that the amount of reading children did for fun decreased from the time they were eight through the teen years. Graphic books can re-engage them in the delights of reading for leisure as well as for learning.

There are children who may never read for pleasure; God just might have wired them differently. But most children, from the reluctant, faltering reader to the brilliant but easily bored adolescent, will find graphic novels intriguing.
Publisher's Information:
Number of Pages: 32 per book
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Capstone Press
Edition/Copyright: 2020
Interest Level: Grades 3-9
Reading Level: Grades 3-4
Consumable: No
Reproducible: No
Faith-Based: No

Navajo Code Talkers: Top Secret Messengers of World War II
Author: Blake Hoena
Illustrator: Marcel P Massegu
ISBN: 9781543573145

Night Witches at War: The Soviet Women Pilots of World War II
Author: Bruce Berglund
Illustrator: Trevor Goring
ISBN: 9781543573152

U.S. Ghost Army: The Master Illusionists of World War II
Author: Nel Yomtov
Illustrator: Alessandro Valdrighi
ISBN: 9781543573169

The Unbreakable Zamperini: A World War II Survivor's Brave Story
Author: Nel Tomtov
Illustrator: Rafal Szlapa
ISBN: 9781543573138

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Linda G.
Entertaining History piece

My son very much enjoyed this. Aside from being very interested in World Wars, he found this format very entertaining.


Wonderfully done book! My daughter tore through this book and loved it!

Danielle K.
Easy to read

Brings to life the story and is at a level that it is easy to understand

Ellie B.
Fun Graphics to Engage Strugglers

Some of my children have a hard time focusing on what they are reading but the fun Graphics help them remember and stay engaged.

Vivienne M.R.
Great way for our boys to get a view into what their great-grandfathers lived

We love the comic book format of this history book. Not only does it keep our 5th grader reading, which he loves, but it keeps his interest on a topic he had heard about in our family discussions when talking to him about his great-grandfathers who had all fought in WWII