The United States Constitution

The United States Constitution

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US Constitution - A Graphic Adaptation
Pull this book from your box and watch a smile cross your teen’s face. He knows he needs to study the US Constitution, he just never expected to enjoy it! The writer of The United States Constitution - A Graphic Adaptation undertakes the daunting task of going through the entire Constitution, article by article, amendment by amendment, explaining the meaning and implications of each - in teen-friendly graphic format. A fine introduction to U.S. legal history, The United States Constitution - A Graphic Adaptation explores the historical context in which various elements of the Constitution originated, including the dark side of constitutional history. Controversies are put in historical context and nearly every major case that the Supreme Court has ruled on - including cases where it has reversed itself - is explored, even cases that are less popular in Christian circles. Though the text of the Constitution itself is only partly quoted, the substance and explanations remain true to the text. With so many loved ones, past, present and future asked to defend this historically resilient document, fully understanding the US Constitution is imperative for all of us.

A Caveat
Note: The United States Constitution – A Graphic Adaptation discusses even the most controversial of amendments and Supreme Court decisions, including, among others, Roe vs. Wade. While it states that others disagree with the Court’s decision and presents the issue in a respectful manner, it represents without criticism the current U.S. Constitution. Because of this, please discuss with your teen the statements and assumptions of the book, as well as your teen’s and your own worldviews.

Also, The United States Constitution – A Graphic Adaptation pulls examples from real life to illustrate the principles of the Constitution, so a wide range of topics – polygamy, marijuana, rape, racism, and so on – make passing, cameo appearances. Although this book wouldn’t be appropriate for very young readers, we feel that most high school students will be ready to benefit from it, provided you discuss and reason through the issues together.

If you would like to look at the especially concerning pages before handing the book off to your child, here are the page numbers you will want to look at and why:
Pages 9-10 delve into worldview questions of God’s preordaining.
Page 38 references evolution.
Page 116 discusses birth control, Planned Parenthood, abortion, and homosexuality.

From the Publisher:
Our leaders swear to uphold it, our military to defend it. It is the blueprint for the shape and function of government itself and what defines Americans as Americans. But how many of us truly know our Constitution?

The United States Constitution: A Graphic Adaptation uses the art of illustrated storytelling to breathe life into our nation's cornerstone principles. Simply put, it is the most enjoyable and groundbreaking way to read the governing document of the United States. Spirited and visually witty, it roves article by article, amendment by amendment, to get at the meaning, background, and enduring relevance of the law of the land.

What revolutionary ideas made the Constitution's authors dare to cast off centuries of rule by kings and queens? Why do we have an electoral college rather than a popular vote for president and vice president? How did a document that once sanctioned slavery, denied voting rights to women, and turned a blind eye to state governments running roughshod over the liberties of minorities transform into a bulwark of protection for all?

The United States Constitution answers all of these questions. Sure to surprise, challenge, and provoke, it is hands down the most memorable introduction to America's founding document.


Written By: Jonathan Hennessey
Art By: Aaron McConnell
Pages: 160
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Hill and Wang
Copyright: 2008
Size: 6 x 9 inches
ISBN: 9780809094707
Faith-Based: No

Awards and Endorsements:
YALSA 2009 Great Graphic Novels for Teens

Customer Reviews

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Joscelyne C.
Comic book

My kids love this style of learning through comic books. It is beautifully illustrated and easy to understand about the constitution.

My kids love it!

My kids prove difficult to keep their attention. Most regular print books bore them and they don't want to continue reading it. This, however, keeps it short and to the point and the drawings keep their attention. They seem to retain more from these graphic novels than from a whole year of regular history study.

Love it

My kids said it was very informative!!
Loved it

Nicely done

My son is fascinated by graphic novels. He is reading through this at his own pace. We will keep in on the shelf and reference again and again.

Great for American history

This is a great addition to any American history textbook. It’s presented in an easy to understand way that appeals to most teenagers! Not easy to do when it comes to history!