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Games That Teach!
Children learn better and retain more when they are having fun. So if you can teach with a game, why wouldn't you? BrainBox games will teach your children basic history or geography facts in a way that makes them eager to play; when have you ever been able to say that about flashcards?

How They Work
BrainBox games develop both short and long term memory by challenging children to recall what they saw. Players study a game card for 10 seconds trying to memorize a variety of features. A die is rolled and if the player can answer the corresponding question, the card is his. Play until one child has won a set amount of cards or play until all cards are acquired. With 55 cards and 10 questions per card, this is a painless way to learn 550 facts. Most sets are designed for readers, but pre-readers do not have to be left out; just adapt the questions to their level, or start out with My First Brainbox designed specifically for prereaders.